Get It Here: How Should You Clothes Up For Yoga?

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Yoga is the combination of powerful poses and graceful meditation. People that practice yoga gets a huge array of benefits from physical exercise to stress relieving techniques. The important thing that people need to learn about yoga is that both the mind and body work as one.

When attending a yoga class, yoga teachers would always emphasize the importance of staying comfortable and correct breathing. However, besides doing the right positions, the clothes worn by a person is another critical component that aids in having comfort and proper breathing.

The following rules will explain the clothes that could be a yes or no in going to yoga classes. There is no requirement in wearing shoes and socks while in yoga class. Here are the rules that a person should consider before going to yoga class.

What Type of Class Are You Taking?

The kind of class, a person is taking can affect the choice of clothes. Any yoga class will accept clothes like a body-skimming tank top, slim-fit short or leggings. However, if the class is Yin, restorative or other yoga class that practice meditation style, wearing baggy shirts and pants is also acceptable.

Avoid clothes that have keep button, snaps, and zippers, they can restrict a person’s movement and may push or pinch the flesh when bending or stretching. Always stick to clothes with an elastic waistband, fitted tops, and breathable fabric. Depending on the class style, beware of wearing shorts that are super-shorts.

There is a tendency that it might ride up the buttocks when doing some stretch. Besides short shorts, women attending yoga class should avoid wearing low-cut tanks because it can reveal some parts especially when twisting or reaching. It is better for ladies to wear supportive bra top when in class or during practice.

The Rules

Rule 1: Yes to Breathable Fabric

There are various type of yoga class, even if there is a traverse with the clothes allowed in yoga class, it is still important to know the preferred yoga style. Since there is a lot of focus when doing yoga, it is important to wear breathable fabrics. Breathable fabric like cotton is a yes for yoga class because it allows the heat to escape and will keep the wearer ventilated.

Rule 2: No Shoes, No Socks

Selecting the socks and shoes for a yoga class is the easiest part since there is no need for both in class. People that practice yoga does not wear socks or shoes. So it is not necessary for a person to spend a few bucks to buy and wear the latest shoe style.

Some people opt to wear either slippers or sandals on their way to class and just removed them when the practice begins. Wearing shoes and socks while doing yoga might interfere the foot’s grip on the yoga mat. Socks avoids the foot to grip on the yoga mat properly and also it might cause a sharp fall or slip.

Rules 3: More or Less

“Less is more” is a famous quote in fashion, and it also fits well in yoga. Yoga classes like hot yoga and Bikram promote a less is more concept in their exercise attire. Yoga exercise that focuses on relaxation like Restoratives or Hatha improves comfort. It is important to balance the outfit and the activity since there is a huge difference between slouchy fitting yoga pants, cycling shorts, and fitting shorter exercise pants.

Rules 4: Not Too Tight

People should keep in mind that there is a huge gap of difference between tight-fitting tops and close-fitting ones. Even the mildest practice of yoga can still include sweeping stretches that will need the body to move in its fullest range.

Even before attending a yoga class, try wearing the planned outfit and start moving in different ways to know if there is a discomfort. When there is something about the clothes that create discomfort, it is better to find the ones that are easier for any movement.

Rule 5: Wear the Right Bra

Be careful on being fooled. Do not think that because yoga is for relaxation and has a low impact, wearing any bra is acceptable. Yoga classes require different extending and stretching, and wearing a wired bra can give a lot of discomforts.

A sports bra can give extra coverage and can give full support to the breast. Besides wearing a sports bra, it is also important that the bra has abrasion resistance and moisture management that will help in avoiding nasty chafing. Both the features apply for Hot Yoga and Bikram.

Rule 6: Not Too Loose

It is tempting to wear loose, flowing clothes in a yoga class. Individual classes allow baggy pants, but there is still restriction when wearing loose items of clothing. It can block people from doing certain yoga poses, and it can be the extra fabric’s fault.

Also, loose clothing can add unwanted heat to the body. It is not advisable for beginners to wear a loose top because it can lead to exposing some of their flesh that isn’t part of the show. Keep in mind to avoid wearing clothes that will ride up or bag down which will give the other students a sight they didn’t sign up.

Rule 7: Layer it

Exercise classes usually start at a slow tempo and easy level then they ascend to a peak of difficulty level as the class progress. It is also a common practice for exercise classes to include a cool-down. In a yoga class, cool-down is part of the meditative area of the course. It is the time where students can relax their muscles.

In this manner, having a layer is excellent since students can disregard their clothes when things start to heat up. Wearing a tight camisole or vest tops will work perfectly under a light and loose layer.

Rule 8: Accessorize

Accessories are always part of an outfit, and yoga is not an exception. It is advisable to keep the hair out of the face so no drops of sweat can get in the eyes. Tie the hair up and wear a sweatband as a basic accessory when attending a yoga class. Owning a yoga mat can also add excitement while practicing. And do not forget to bring an absorbent towel while in class.


Besides the correct position and proper breathing, clothes are important components in attending a yoga class. Knowing the ground rules can help in achieving a stress-free exercise. A  yoga class doesn’t require lavish fashion. Since it is a session to practice simplicity, fit in the environment and be comfortable with simplicity, both in fashion and life

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