Choosing the Perfect Health club in 2016


New Year, new you? If you’ve been meaning to get fit, really giving it some serious thought during December while overindulging in mince pies, January must be the perfect time to get started. And don’t worry, you won’t be the only newbie at the gym.

Many health clubs and country clubs have special offers around this time of year to entice you into joining up. Take a look at what’s available to you locally and choose a fitness venue that you like the look of. After all, you’ll be spending an awful lot of time there over the next months, so you may as well enjoy any additional facilities – spa, restaurant, events – that appeal to you as a reward for all that hard work you’ll be putting in.

So, what should you be looking out for?


Health club

As a staple fitness routine, you’ll be wanting to use the gym, so make sure you get the guided tour from a qualified trainer before you commit, and ask him to explain everything you don’t understand.

You can expect to see a range of up-to-date fitness equipment including cardio and weight machines as well as a reasonably large free weights area. Bear in mind that peak times may get very busy if there aren’t enough of the popular machines to go round.

Find out about personalised fitness programmes, so you can track and measure your progress. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight or add biceps width, nothing is more motivating than seeing real results!

Most gyms also offer personal training – perfect if you’re prepared to put in a bit extra and want to be pushed that bit harder. See if you can meet one of their personal trainer while you’re visiting. Do they seem likeable, capable, and professional?

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