Celebrate Life With National Cancer Survivors Day on June 5th 2016 (USA)

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Cancer has been around for a very long time and is the name for a class of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth with the potential to spread to other parts of the body.  It can manifest in various forms including breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer and thyroid cancer to name just a few.

Cancer cases have risen significantly in the last 40 years.  Much of this is down to the fact that we are living longer, but some of the increase is caused by the lifestyles some choose to live.  Whatever the reason is for developing cancer has been that there are many support networks available for both cancer patients and people around them that may have been affected by the diagnosis also.

National Cancer Survivors Day

With some type of cancer affecting as many as 1 in 2 people in today’s world it is hard not to escape the pain and misery the disease can often bring to us and our loved ones.  It may be family, friends, or even yourself that has battled with the disease.  Unfortunately, with a destructive disease such as cancer the outcome is not always the one we would hope for.  But, that does not mean we should give up hope.  It means we should all find our inner strength to come together, battle on, and celebrate the life of cancer survivors and the massive trials and tribulations each and everyone of them went through to be standing where they are today.

It is estimated that in 2016, over 1.6 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the USA alone.  Chilling as that may seem, what the statistics don’t always tell you is that out of this 1.6 million people, over 1 million beat the disease and survive – surely that is something to celebrate?  And, with the aid of National Cancer Survivors Day (NCSD), that is exactly what we set out to do!  It is a day to celebrate life with those we love and care for and to look forward to the future!

National Cancer Survivors Day has been going since June 5, 1988 and is a day to celebrate the lives of all those that have survived cancer.  The day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in June in the USA (other countries celebrate it too, but others may have a different date).  Although for some it may be a time of reflection, but for most it is a joyous time for family, friends,  and medical professionals to unite together in their celebration of life and survival.  Surviving cancer is no easy task, and all of those that have been through it can tell you that, so for them, it is a day of honour because they have won that treacherous battle and deserve to be recognised for it.  With this in mind, the National Cancer Survivors Day was established.  Whether it is yourself that has suffered and survived or someone close to you, it is a day to celebrate life and gives inspiration to those with new diagnosis’ that cancer can be beaten!

To help celebrate the life of cancer survivors, then look out for a local Cancer Survivors Day event near you and join in the fun and laughter together.  Or, why not hold your own event to mark the feat of life and survival and show your support for this amazing cause.  Whatever you decide to do this June 5th, just take a moment to praise all of those brave cancer survivors out there for the strength and courage they have summoned up in order to be here today.  It is people like these we should look at in times of inspiration as they are living proof that we can survive in the toughest of time and become better people for it.


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