Career Options for Those Studying a Health Administration Degree


A health administration degree, which you can learn more about here, can be both challenging and rewarding. With a master in health administration degree readily available, it is a path a lot of graduates of health care based degrees consider. But with university education now so expensive, you want to be certain there are career options available at the end. A master in health administration fortunately, can open the door to many valuable career choices. These are a few of the best.

Health Administration Degree

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Management is an option many graduates of a health administration degree chose. Practice management, or setting up their own small practice is an option that appeals to many, as the hours are great and it allows you to work directly with patients and doctors. Others go on to manage small teams within a hospital setting, or move into nursing homes, or specialist children’s practices.

Nursing home administration and management could prove an excellent choice, as an aging population means there will be no shortage of jobs in the future, however some further education may be required. Another management option would be to work in a laboratory, managing specimens and looking after research materials, while making sure all WHO standards and regulations are met.

Public Health

Holding a health administration degree would allow you to work with public health teams, working towards changing policy and practice for the better. One option would be to become a public health analyst, identifying problems and seeking solutions within the healthcare system. Another is working within the healthcare department of government, either maintaining files and data or helping to manage a team setting government policy.

Health Informatics

Health informatics deals with medical data, records and knowledge. Keeping it all organized and managing storage and maintenance. The skills developed studying a health administration degree would make you the ideal candidate for this kind of job. This is a great job for those who don’t want to work directly with people.

Training and Development

Within the healthcare industry, someone with a health administration degree would be well suited to manage a training and development team. With so many different courses available, this can be a challenging role and requires excellent organization and communication skills.

Health Insurance

A different option would be working as a specialist for a health insurance company. You could work on helping to set benefit payment regulations, as well as general administration duties and helping to deal with insurance claims.

With so many options it can be hard to decide which path you’d like to take. One of the main things to consider is whether or not you want to work with patients, this question will make your decision much easier. Either way, it is estimated that by 2020 the healthcare sector will be generating more new jobs than any other industry. This makes it a great time to look into MHA degrees from schools such as the university of Southern California. Learn more about their executive MHA program, and find out if you’ve got the right skills, before you consider applying.

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