Ten Tried and True Ways to Bump Up Your Calorie Burn on the Treadmill


Are you sick and tired of all the fruitless hours you’ve invested on the treadmill? Does the very idea of getting on these trendy machines make you want to drop into slumber from all the boredom they present? Well, stay tuned, because what you are about to learn will reshape your perspective towards these machines of mass fat destruction. So, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and grab yourself the best of treadmills in the gym. It’s about to get steamy up in here.

Treadmill workout

1. Get Those Arms in the Game

Get your hands off the sidebars and start swinging them like you would on an ordinary run. This will make the experience feel as natural as it would in an ordinary run outdoors. It is a great way to keep your balance when you’re running. The very engagement of your arm muscles to do this will earn you a bonus in extra calories burnt. You will also be able to run a whole lot faster, allowing you to torch deeper into those fat layers.

2. Get the Weights

If it doesn’t challenge you, it definitely won’t change you. That is the idea here. We want to bump up the difficulty by adding weights to your body for added resistance. Now, we’re not saying you hold a giant log of wood on your shoulders next time you’re on the treadmill. You can comfortably achieve this by holding light dumbbells when you run. You can also have weight straps onto your hands and ankles. A weighted vest is another great idea you might want to consider.

3. Stay Cool and Hydrated

Most gym rats will attest to the fact that drinking cooler water during their workouts enhances their performance. The thing is, your body works at an optimal level of temperature and hydration. However, when you work out, your body heats up and loses a lot of water trying to cool down. So, taking cold water helps you kill two birds with one stone. The next time you head off to the gym, don’t forget to carry your bottle. Your body will thank you for it.

4. Keep it Intense

Stop being that guy in the gym that takes a 2-hour stroll on the treadmill. I even saw someone yawn while doing this once and it drove me up the wall. Especially since I’d been waiting in line for the past 30 minutes. To get the maximum benefits out of this machine, you will have to work on running faster over a short 15-20 minute period, every day. If you are not panting like a dog at the end of the exercise, then you’re probably not doing it right.

5. Up the Hill, You Go

Crank up the volume by going decline every once in a while. The added challenge will have you sweating and panting like crazy in less than a minute. Your quads will also work on overtime to keep your pace in check. You won’t believe how much more calories you could burn doing this. We strongly suggest you go up an inch at a time though. Also, take caution to ensure that you are not leaning forward – keep upright.

6. Warm it Up First

It is very important to get your leg muscles and cardio in the zone before you hit the mill. So, start with some body weight squats and knee tucks to get your engines running. Don’t tire yourself doing them though, this is just a warm up. Then you will want to move on to some dynamic stretching afterward, which could include some leg swings and hip circles. These will keep your joints and muscles supple, which will go a long way in preventing injuries during your workouts.

7. Don’t Forget Your Headphones

For those of you who feel like running is a chore, then this is definitely what you need to get you in the zone. Great motivational music on the lines of House, Hip-Hop, Rock and Heavy Metal will get you in the mood to become a heavy-duty calorie-burning machine. They will lift your spirits and help you explode through your old running records like a pro. Some people even use the pace of their favorite songs to guide the pace at which they run.

8. HIIT Those Calories Up

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to burn the most calories in the shortest time possible. It relies on overtaxing your body in a short bout of time so that your body takes days to recover. This allows you to keep burning calories even after the workout. Simply get yourself a HIIT timer and set it up for a 3-minute workout in the least. Then set it to have alternating sessions of sprints and fast walks of equal intervals for the entire 3 minutes with no rest.

9. Toss it Into a Giant Set

Instead of doing the same exercise at a steady state for 20 minutes, make it one more exercise in a circuit of other exercises. The advantage of this is that you get to exercise a number of muscles at the same time, with each muscle consuming its own calories to get to the work done. The result is a living, breathing, fat breakdown machine of a body, which will have you ripped in no time. Just remember to keep the running bouts short and intense. No easy strolling on this one.

10. Get a Gorgeous Scenery

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of running out in the woods and enjoying the breathtaking backgrounds of the countryside. However, a nice wallpaper depicting a natural landscape can also do the trick. In fact, you can take it a step further by making a slideshow of nature’s greatest images and playing them on your screen for variety as you hit the treadmill. The gorgeous sceneries will distract you from the strain of a taxing run and will make running a whole lot less boring.

Have you tried any of these before? If you haven’t then you, my friend, are missing out. Get a load out of all these 10 and try what works for you today. It’s time you made use of those machines at the corner of the gym instead of letting them accumulate dust. Do you know of any other tips? Let us know in the comments section.

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