Breaking Free From Opiate Addiction


Opiate addiction is on the rise and the death toll is starting to get to alarming numbers. Many people think of street acquired heroin when the word ‘opiate” pops up, but many opiates are obtained through proper and legal prescriptions. Abuse and overuse of these products can lead to addiction and at times prove fatal.

Opiate Addiction

What Are Opiates?

Opiates are drugs derived from the poppy plant that are primarily used in strong painkillers. They range from legal versions like fentanyl, morphine and codeine to their illegal cousins heroin and opium. They also include the synthetic opiates such as OxyContin. They are designed to reduce the effectiveness of pain messages to the brain.

Why are Opiates Dangerous?

The biggest risks when it comes to opiates are the ease of addiction by the body and the high risk of accidental overdose. 2016 has been a year in which hundreds are dying across America from opiate overdose. Once a patient has been taking an opiate for 30 days the body is addicted. It requires medical detoxification, which rarely happens. Patients are left to suffer through cold turkey drug detox.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription medication abuse is at an all-time high. The American Society of Addiction Medicine states that in 2014 1.9 million Americans that were battling drug abuse were fighting an addiction to prescription drugs. Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin were fined $600 million dollars in 2007 for lying to the government and public about the true addictive nature of their product. They are still raking in over $2.4 billion a year in profits. A prescription addicted America makes pharmaceutical companies a lot of money.

Why You Should Never Quit Cold Turkey

the withdrawal symptoms from opiate products, natural or synthetic are extremely severe and can be life-threatening. Cardiac arrest, severe vomiting and seizures are all possible. You should seek out the help of a professional detox center to safely get these types of drugs out of your body. This is not something to attempt alone and without medical supervision.

Choosing to Undergo Opiate Drug Detox

if you are battling an addiction to opiates it is imperative to seek treatment right away. Your body is being damaged every day that you are fighting painkillers and the grip they have on your life. It takes very little to overdose and can happen accidentally at a moment’s notice. Make the choice for life and seek the help you need quickly. All services are discreet and the environment of a quality detox in Florida is non-judgmental. There are medical professionals available 24/7 to help you recover.

What happens After Detox?

The path to recovery begins once you detox and get the drugs out of your system. Once you are through the withdrawals it is time to begin therapy treatments that will help you determine the best course of actions you need to take in life to make sure your recovery lasts.

You will begin a journey in discovering how you ended up with a prescription painkiller addiction. It may involve starting a variety of natural pain relieving options. You will need to focus on becoming healthier and stronger than ever before. A healthy mind and body will be your best asset in bating future cravings.

Ongoing Intensive Therapy

maintaining sobriety requires the involvement in intensive therapy programs after detox. Life may get hectic, but you need to be committed to following through with taking care of yourself. Set aside the necessary time to attend group and individual therapy sessions. Continue building a strong support system for those moments of weakness that are sure to hit now and again as you recover.

It is also helpful to put concerted effort into finding ways to relax and keep anxiety at bay. Discuss non-addictive pain remedies with your doctor and make them aware of your recovery from addictive painkillers. They can help find some safe and effective alternatives.

Breaking the Addiction for Good

the best way to maintain sobriety and guard recovery is to not take opiates of any form ever again. The cravings will hit, but standing strong and understanding the miles you have already walked will help. Begin new active hobbies to celebrate better health. Learn how to surf, hike, camp or ride horses. Enjoy being outdoors and the feeling of freedom.

Keep in contact with your sponsor and support group to stay grounded. Avoid picking up other vices to replace opiates, such as alcohol or smoking pot. Allow your body and mind the time needed to heal. It is time to celebrate.

Contact medical professionals like to break opiate addiction right away. You can live a happier healthier life drug free.

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