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Brainwave Frequencies and Meditation

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Whether or not you are into meditation, you will probably find the human brain to be absolutely incredible. In just the past century alone, we have discovered so many insights and magnificent elements of the brain and its activity that it’s nearly unbelievable. Yet it is that research and study of the brain and its neural frequencies that has helped us to understand meditation practices even more. Of course, people have been meditating since ancient times, yet learning more about just how meditation works for our brains and mindsets can open new doors into this mindfulness practice.

MeditationInside the Brain

Our brains are filled with neurons – billions of them – that are constantly interacting and sending signals to each other. The electrical impulses that are sent back and forth between the neurons are tracked as brainwaves, and they vary depending on the type of activity that is going on. Brainwaves are distinguishable thanks to their different frequencies, and the speed of the frequency cycles will determine our moods, emotions, and thoughts. Of course, this is just a tiny picture of what goes on in the brain each and every day, and of particular interest are the gamma brain waves. The newest frequencies to be detected by scientists may hold some keys to meditation.

The Role of Gamma Waves

Gamma brain waves exhibit the fastest frequency cycle within the brain, and they are also the latest brain waves to be discovered by researchers and scientists. The gamma waves are primarily responsible for helping us process higher levels of thought and information, as well as those aha! Moments. Another interesting thing about gamma waves is that they can be used to help us dig deeper into our subconscious while we’re awake. This discovery was pivotal to the development of hypnosis therapy and meditation techniques, which utilize the knowledge of gamma waves and their ability to help us reach dreamlike states of being.

Implementing it into Meditation

That being said, studies have shown that those who meditate regularly show different gamma wave activity in the brain. The type of meditation these individuals practiced was compassion meditation, with the end goal of feeling united and interconnected to the universe and everything in it. Creating a sense of appreciation and unity, individuals use visualization and mental images to increase the activity of gamma waves in the brain. This has helped us to open the path to brain entrainment and other forms of meditation.

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