7 Brain Exercises and Training tips For Better Brain Health


Do any of the following situations sound familiar to you? You are having dinner with your family and one of your children asks you about the bread you served at breakfast, but you can’t remember even serving it. Or maybe you are in a business meeting and a colleague asks you a question that falls squarely within your area of expertise, but you can’t come up with the answer. Or maybe you are by yourself, watching television, and you recognize a celebrity on the screen but just can’t put your finger on where you have seen the man or woman before. These kinds of situations are frustrating. You have an answer on the tip of your tongue, so to speak, but you can’t seem to make it materialize.

If you have been having troubles with your memory or you are experiencing other problems that you think are a result of not having enough “brain power,” then you are in luck because there are numerous exercises and trainings that you can do for better brain health. They can help boost your memory abilities, as well as your problem solving skills, and analytical abilities. Below are some good brain exercises to get you started.

Brain Exercise #1 – Sudoku


Even if you have never played Sudoku, you have probably seen other people playing it or heard other people talking about it. It is a numbers and puzzle game. You have a grid that you are trying to fill up with digits, but there are specific rules about exactly how you go about doing that. You can find Sudoku boards in the newspapers, online, and in books. Facebook has it and there are apps for your mobile phone, too. It is a frustrating, challenging game for people of all ages and in all different professional fields.

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  1. Chris says

    Good Post. I enjoyed this article alot. I heard that meditation helps improve the brain. Thanks for the tips. I will start pumping brain iron. I agree on the writing part. I started carrying a notepad around. I try to write all the time. You are right I seem more focused and I retain my thoughts more.

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