Best Lunchbox Tips You Will Read This Year


Lunchbox also referred to as lunch kit which is used to carry food and eaten anywhere. And lunch box is the main concern of mothers as they plan what to give their child as breakfast. Most of the kids take finger food as lunch as they eat lunch after coming back to home. Then when the child grows up you have to decide what to give your child as the choices differ with age and there many healthy lunch box ideas to be adopted for.


Tips on Lunchbox Packing:

Food in the lunch box should be tasty, healthy and appealing to the child. Food given in the tiffin box should be ensuring healthy habits. Try to change the feast after some time and before packing the lunch box try the food at home give it to your kid if he likes it then pack it. Be creative a healthy lunch box keeps your kid active, alert and helps him to focus but if it does not get eaten it’s of no nutritious value. Rotate the food types with days same food over and over might tend to loss of interest of the child. Also, try to garnish the food properly as it might help to be more attractive to the child.

Healthy Food for Lunch:

There are countless recipes for the lunch box, and a variety of food to be given like fruit can be given, vegetables can be given, protein rich food can be given, dairy food can be given. Liquids are an essential part of a healthy lunch box so, milk, water, milkshake should be given. In solid food, it’s better to give fruit salad, but there are a certain thing that can also give like  bread, rice, pasta and also protein like meat, fish egg, and beans can also be given. Vegetable salad can also be packed. Moreover, fresh food items should be considered rather than giving food items which are from the freezer. Chocolates are an excellent choice in the rotation of food. Fruit juices and shakes are also considered to deliver an energy boost.

Health and Lunch:

In 2012 US government updated the program “The National School Lunch and Breakfast”. Fruits and vegetables were put in the separate group of food and fruit were made part of daily lunch, making half of the whole lunch grain. If the lunch box is unhealthy, it not only in not eaten by the kid but it also is poor in nutrition, and it leads to obesity and overweight problems. According to the weight control information network, one out of three kids is over weighted. Non-healthy lunch may lead the children to develop chronic health concerns like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and kidney stone, etc.

These conditions are developed due to excess use of fats, sugar, salt and processed food whereas vitamin and minerals are less in lunch. Calories in Lunch should also be monitored as over limit calories can also be dangerous and can make the child feel fatigued and weak and less active in physical activity. Not only lunch fulfill the hunger engravings, but it also helps to keep a good mental health. The healthier you eat more academic performance you can result. There is long term effect also not taking some of the nutrients in meals may lower the IQ level, motor skills, memory capacity and may reduce language proficiency. Poor eating habits can disturb sleep patterns as well.

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