Infographic: The Best Foods to Take While Running


Wondering what the best foods for running are? We can help you! Eating the right foods can help you get the energy you need while running.

Preparing Yourself for Some Running the Easy Way

Getting your body ready for running involves a well-planned meal system, which involves the best foods that you should be having. Read on to know more.


With a healthy dose of potassium and instant energy, bananas are a must to eat before you go out for a run.


Oats are excellent to eat before you embark on your run. Their low glycemic index allows energy to be released over a long period of time.


A rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and folic acid, ensures that muscles don’t cramp, post running and helps the bones to be stronger.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter sans preservatives and sugar is a vital source of vitamin E, and help to reduce cholesterol levels. Great for post run particularly if you suffer from running injuries.

Yoghurt (Plain)

Yoghurt is a superfood of sorts boasting of a great partnership of proteins and carbohydrates. If had after a run, it speeds up the recovery of worn and torn muscles and tissues. In fact, low fat yoghurts has everything from calcium, proteins and carbs that you need in your daily life.

Whole Grain Pasta

It does a good job of allowing your body to store up glycogen before you start running, to allow you more stamina to cover the targeted miles. Foods like buckwheat are also processed like noodles which are great with salads to fill up a night before you run.

Chocolate (Dark)

Be careful not to over-indulge. You can have it once in a week only. Its flavanols help to manage the inflammation associated with muscle wear and tear. The good mood that comes with it is just a bonus!


Coffee really gives your interval training a boost, which is high intensity in itself. The dehydration myth associated with coffee should not worry you. Drink it black, though!

What to eat while running?

Yes, you can chew on raisins or starbursts even while running, to help you keep running for longer. These foods can give you the extra spurt of energy you need.

Don’t forget the recovery foods

While these above foods can help you during running, how do you recover afterwards? Some of the foods that can help you in your recovery are chicken breast, hummus and fruits. You can also try out oats, which is rich in carbs but also has the high fiber your body needs.

running food

Make sure you incorporate all these foods on a regular basis to enhance your running experience.

Image source: Healthambition

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