Choosing the Best Eyeglasses for Kids in Sports


In the classroom of life, choosing the right eyeglasses for kids can be an important process. But no worries; knowing what to look for and how to approach the subject of buying glasses specifically for children in sports, you and your child can walk away with an A+ experience!

Eyeglasses for Kids

Involving Your Child in the Process

First things first, parents and nurturers, do your homework. A little research upfront can reduce or eliminate disappointment for your child later. Learn what’s available. Ask other parents, kids and coaches to find out what might work best for your child. If you really want a home run, involve your child in the process.

By including your child in selecting the right pair of sports eyeglasses, they will more likely feel confident, be more willing to wear the glasses and hopefully even take care of them. Score! Make the experience fun by encouraging your to child in pick the colour or style of the glasses they like best.

Make the Experience Fun

As caregivers, we are often challenged with convincing our kids to brush their teeth, clean their rooms, and eat their vegetables. We hope encouraging them to wear their glass can be a little easier. If little Bobby loves Ninja Turtles and he picked out the Ninja Turtle eyeglasses all by himself; he will more likely want to wear them!

Another approach to making glasses cool is to look up athletes that wear sports or safety glasses or goggles.  Parents, knowing that Kareem Abdul-Jabaar can rock prescription safety glasses on the basketball court are points in your favour!

Why Protective Eyewear for Sports

Wearing protective eyewear while playing sports and other recreational activities can reduce injury to the eyes. Many sports involve person to person contact, contact with sports equipment such as balls and bats as well as risk of falling. Being properly protected can help you stay on your game as well as keep your eye health in check.

Recommended Sports to Wear Protective Eyeglasses

  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Fencing
  • Field Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Karate
  • Lacrosse
  • Racquetball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Street Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Yoga

Questions to Ask

When specifically buying sports glasses for kids there are several questions you may want to consider.

  • What sport(s) do I anticipate my child playing?
  • Are the glasses just for sports or will the glasses be worn during other parts of the day?
  • What are the various options of sports glasses for kids?
  • What sports related features or accessories should I consider for my child’s eyeglasses?
  • Does your child’s sport require them to wear a helmet?
  • Should I buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for my child?

Daily Eyewear vs. Sports Glasses

Your child may need to wear glasses every day. So having two separate pairs, one for everyday life and another pair specifically for sports may be best. Their everyday pair is what they wear to school or the movies and can meet their function and style. While their sports pair may be more durable with a focus on protecting the eye and staying on while being active. One pair of glasses can meet both needs but having a secondary pair for seriously active kids can be helpful. Choosing to have a pair of sports specific glasses will help protect the glasses the child wears every day. Also opting for sports glasses or goggles with more protective features can help keep your child’s vision safe during activity.

Basic Sports Glasses vs. Specific Sports Eyeglasses

Sports glasses and goggles can be versatile for a variety of sports or specific to a singular activity. If hitting the slopes every weekend in the winter is your child’s go to activity, she may need or want prescription ski or snowboarding goggles. For the swim enthusiast in your child there are even prescription swim goggles. But for most kids starting out, basic sports eyeglasses will be sufficient for your little athlete.

If your child plans on only having one pair of glasses selecting a durable frame with impact resistant lenses may be the best option. Ray-Ban, Nike and Mira Flex offer a variety of sports glasses for kids to choose from these days. Sleek and fashionable styles for kids with built in or optional adjustable straps are popular on for active kids. This style of sports glasses for kids can be for the youngster in soccer, track, basketball, baseball, volleyball, biking, and more. If your child has a pair of glasses for everyday wear and needs pair just for sports consider Rec Specs F8 Morpheus III 55…

Transitional Lenses

Having sports glasses that transition into sunglasses is a great feature to think about as your child takes the field. Having the proper safety and UV protection while playing outdoor sports can keep your eyes healthy and your mind on the game!


A variety of bands and straps are also available to help keep the glasses positioned on your child’s head as they are running, jumping, swinging and kicking. Some straps are built into the glasses and goggles while others are detachable. There are also helmet compatible straps for sports that involve wearing a helmet.

Kid’s Prescription Sunglasses for Sports

Prescription sunglasses are another great feature to consider when selecting a pair of sports glasses for kids.  Having UV protection and increasing visibility on the sunny field can increase your child’s game. On or off the field, kids’ prescription sports glasses are a great way to protect your child’s vision.

The Home Stretch

You’re in the home stretch. You have identified the sports your child will be participating in this year and you’ve determined whether your child will need one or more pairs of glasses. You asked other parents and coaches about what sports glasses and goggles are most durable. You’re ready. You’re confident! Now go out there and make lasting memories with your child in the game of life.


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