Best Electric Tooth Brushes for Teeth With Braces on Them


Nowadays, the oral diseases are very common among the people. People of all age groups are affected by these sticky diseases. Again, oral hygiene is also termed as one of the essential component to enhance the overall health. Thus, it is very important to take a good care of the teeth. It has been observed that, mainly people with braces on their teeth face a lot of difficulties while brushing and cleaning their teeth.

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As the braces are fitted over the teeth, it is pretty complex to push the brush over those wires of the braces. Again, if high pressure is applied over the teeth, then there are chances that the wires will break. Thus, a lot of attention and care is highly demanded during brushing when the braces are on. But, due to lack of time, people forget about the braces and end up with ultimate loss of braces. In order to avoid such critical conditions, the tooth experts have managed to design efficient electronic brushes for the people with braces on their teeth. These electronic brushes highly help the individuals to clean the trapped food and plague in the mouth.

Advantages of Electric Tooth Brushes

A lot of advantages are related with these electronic brushes which are highly enhancing the comfort level of the people. As compared to the manual brushes, these electronic brushes are capable of removing the plagues 11 % more effectively. Well, it is very necessary to remove those plagues from the teeth in order to maintain a hygiene condition in the mouth. Again, using the electric tooth brushes, the issues associated with gingivitis are highly reduced. Gingivitis is basically a issue related to sensitivity and inflammation of the gums. Thus, with the help of electric tooth brushes, it is pretty to reduce the bleeding of the gums.

Also the brushing motion is not required when an individual is using an electric tooth brush. Just by placing the brush head on the teeth and turning on the electric tooth brush, will provide the best results. Thus, there is no need to apply more pressure and to push harder in order to achieve clean teeth and oral hygienic condition.

The Top Electric Tooth Brushes Which Are Highly Recommended By The Experts –

Before buying an electric tooth brush, a good research work can highly help. A lot of factors are needed to be considered in order to grab an efficient tooth brush. Some important factors associated with the electric tooth brush include –

  • Timers – The electric tooth brushes come with a timer feature. Most of the electric tooth brushes come with a 2 minute timer setting. Well, this timer setting is very important while cleaning the teeth efficiently. This timer feature, allows the brushing process to 4 quadrants of the mouth. Thus, each and every corner of teeth can be effectively cleaned with the help of electric tooth brushes.
  • Stiffness – The electric tooth brushes come with different varieties of bristle stiffness. Thus, according to the nature of the gums, the users can change the stiffness of their brush heads. It has been observed that, people with braces highly prefer softer bristles in order to put less pressure on the sensitive gums. Again, these soft bristles also to reach the complex spaces between the wires.
  • Brushing modes – Both gentle and vigorous, speed modes are provided by the electric tooth brushes. Thus, it is easy for the users to set the brushing mode according to them. But, for teeth with braces on them, are recommended to opt for gentle brushing mode in order to avoid the critical conditions of gum irritations.
  • Cost – The price of these electric tooth brushes mainly varies from $ 50 to $ 200. Again, extra cost for brush heads is also maintained by different brands. With more features on the brush, more is the price of the brush. Thus, it is highly recommended to grab an electric tooth brush, with all required features, in an affordable cost.

The Top Electric Tooth Brushes Which Are Highly Recommended By The Experts

In the present market, a lot of leading brands are dealing with different varieties of electric tooth brushes. But some specific tooth brushes of reputed brands have won the heart of both users and experts. As per an efficient research work, the following list of best electric tooth brushes has been prepared –

  • Oral B 7000 smart series – This is the only electric tooth brush which comes with bluetooth technology, thus it can be easily connected with the Smartphone and an efficient track of brushing habits can be maintained. It comes with different modes like Tongue cleaner, Deep clean, whitening, sensitive, gum care, and daily clean. Again, a separate display is also provided with this brush which indicates different information like quadrant details, brushing time, brushing mode and many more.
  • Philips Sonicare 2 series – This device is highly recommended for new electric tooth brush users. It features an easy start technique, which slowly adjust with the nature of the gums and increases the power after 14 uses. This electric tooth brush is very efficient in maintaining plaque control and in preventing gum sensitivity and irritation.
  • Philips Sonicare Essence 5600 – This tooth brush is featured with replaceable brush heads in order to provide utmost comfort to the users. Also, a soft grip handle is also provided over the body in order to enhance the comfort during operation. This is one of the classic models of Philips as a charging base and a built-in timer is maintained with the tooth brush.
  • Oral B pro 1000 – This tooth brush is maintained with 2 minute timer along with “quad pacer” feature. To enhance the deep cleaning process, rotating brush heads are also provided with these tooth brush. Again, built-in pressure sensors are also equipped, in order to avoid excessive pressure on the braces.

Thus, these are some of the best electric tooth brushes which are recommended by the experts in order to enhance the brushing of the teeth with braces over them. So, select an efficient electric tooth brush according to the requirement and necessity of the teeth.


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