The Benefits of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used medical practices today. Having originated over 2,000 years ago in China, you’ll find acupuncture to be an intricate technique that involves thin needles that painlessly penetrate the skin. Acupuncture was introduced to the United States by James Reston, a New York Times reporter in 1971. After undergoing surgery to remove his appendix, acupuncture was used to ease his pain and discomfort. There are numerous benefits that can be attributed to acupuncture, and you’ll find the following important natural remedies.


Health and Quality of Life

Unhealthy lifestyles, thought patterns and diet can all contribute to a body’s imbalance. The various acupuncture points can provide a better positioning and quality of life by recirculating the good energy to the areas that are deficient and in need of redirection. It can also aid individuals who are looking to lose weight and gain control of unhealthy eating habits. By focusing on the various acupuncture points, foods and herbs chosen to help with the weight loss can go directly to the areas in the body such as the spleen and liver to treat and influence them into seeking the right balance. This can also cut cravings to unhealthy foods such as sugar and fat.

Reduce Stress

Between work, children, personal obligations, household chores and extra-curricular activities, you may be have heightened levels of stress in your life. While a little stress can be good for the body, the average person is carrying an unusually high amount of anguish. If this is a common occurrence, you may find it difficult to relax and achieve the appropriate balance. Regular acupuncture treatments can provide a powerful boost to your body and allow it to receive the right energy to seek relaxation and tranquility.

Pain Reduction

If you suffer from arthritis, neck pain, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive disorders, plantar fasciitis and other common painful ailments, you’ll be surprised at how quickly and painlessly regular acupuncture treatments can help provide relief. Individuals who have experienced an injury or surgery may experience infections or the failure to heal properly in a reasonable amount of time. Acupuncture can also help reduce scarring and inflammation caused by the trauma of an injury by increasing the body’s circulation. Most of today’s professional sports teams believe in this natural form of therapy and have an acupuncturist on staff to help their players seek relief.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Nausea, depression, anxiety, fever, cough, dry mouth, night sweats and pain are common symptoms for patients being treated for cancer. If you’re currently going through some form of a cancer fighting program, you’ll find that acupuncture has also been proven to relieve the side effects associated with radiation and chemotherapy treatments. This natural form of treatment helps the individual get better without loading their body up with unnecessary drugs that can cause adverse side effects and reactions. Eating nutritiously can also aid in keeping the body strong enough to fight this debilitating disease. Acupuncture can prove beneficial in regaining your appetite in order to work up an appetite and replenish the nutrients lost.

Enhance a Healthy Night’s Sleep

Emotional imbalance, stress, pain and anxiety can mess with a person’s sleep patterns. Sleep is necessary to achieve your overall health, wellness and happiness and when you get an insufficient amount of rest, your body’s core system and mental clarity can become compromised. Acupuncture can prove beneficial in relieving insomnia and other sleep related disorders. A weakened immune system can also make it difficult to get sufficient rest each night whether the cause is directed at a cold, allergies or environmental toxins. Balancing the energy systems that are affecting the body can strengthen your immune system and allow your body to feel energized and motivated.

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