Beauty Cosmetic Surgery – How much is Necessary


People have longed for beauty ever since ancient times, and sought ways to make themselves beautiful by using makeup, jewelry, and more permanent methods. For many women today, that means turning to plastic surgery, either to enhance the looks they were born with, or to extend their youthful look by removing signs of aging. Is there a limit to how far we should go with this? How much is too much as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned?

Cosmetic Surgery

A private decision

According to leading cosmetic surgeons, the vast majority of women who have a procedure done to their face do not tell their kids, or even their husbands. For most women, it is a purely personal decision. They are concerned about maintaining or enhancing their looks, and they are willing to commit to having surgery to do it.

Why not tell their husbands? Sometimes husbands try to talk women out of this decision. Some men will say “Why to do that? I love you just the way you are.” Since women are usually more concerned about looks and aging than men are, men don’t always understand the emotional reasons that a woman wants to do this.

The thing is that people who have plastic surgery (primarily women, but some men, too) do it for their own self esteem. It improves their confidence and makes them feel better about themselves, no matter what somebody else thinks. Choosing to alter your face or body is a highly personal decision, and one which should not be taken lightly. It’s nobody’s choice but yours.

Loving yourself vs. improving yourself

One of the arguments against plastic surgery is that we should learn to love ourselves as we are. In this view, everybody is beautiful in their own way, and we don’t all have to look like the models in a magazine. Rather than chasing an impossible ideal, we should learn to accept ourselves, our looks, and even our age.

While this does make a lot of sense, in our current society, it doesn’t seem to resolve the self-esteem issues that many people have. Women sometimes obsess over one particular flaw they perceive in their appearance, and aren’t happy with themselves unless they can address it. Aging is another issue. Some women have been happy with, or least accepting of, their looks for decades. When signs of aging appear, it can make them feel old and tired.

A cosmetic procedure to fix this can make them feel younger, more vibrant, and better about themselves. Whether we like it or not, plastic surgery make women feel beautiful, and some would agree that certain procedures are meant to appeal to women’s emotional side. There are women who don’t like their noses because many people told them it’s big or it’s too sharp. That may not be true, but a rhinoplasty will make that person feel better anyway.

How much is too much

Almost everyone has seen photographs of people who went overboard with plastic surgery, and ended up as odd-looking caricatures. Michael Jackson was a high-profile example, and his obsession with plastic surgery went so far he looked like a different person. Some women have had their breasts augmented to astounding levels, while other people have gone so far with facelifts that their features look unnaturally stretched.

These people are a small minority, though. The vast majority of people who get plastic surgery are having something subtle done. They don’t want anybody to notice that they’ve had a procedure, they just want to look a bit better. It’s really about their own self esteem. Tummy tucks, Botox injections, facelifts (both invasive and non-invasive), and liposuction are common procedure people don’t think are that dangerous.

To some extent, they can be considered safe. Advanced technology has led to the appearance of revolutionary techniques to augment the body through plastic surgery without putting the health of the patient in any danger. Prior to deciding to have plastic surgery, consult a physician first. Have a chat, talk about your lifestyle and listen to all the recommendations.

Plastic surgery can transform your body completely; however, only a specialist can advise you what type of procedure can fit your physique and what interventions you should steer clear of. Be reasonable and don’t exaggerate, as you might have regrets in the long run.

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  1. I think the surgery. It is good for some people. Tell people it’s pretty natural already. Made little better If you do that and pretty. It was fake I think i like natural beauty. Also, I fear Surgery.

  2. Thanks for your comment Hunfa. I completely agree with your point too but there is no harm if you opt surgery for minor things that can increase your charm.

  3. Take proper nutrition, rest, relaxation and exercise. Eat balanced diet as well as healthy food. Your skin will become wrinkle-free and elastic, your eyes can sparkle, your complexion can be smooth, and your face can be firm and tight.

    • Thanks for your comments Vikram. I absolutely agree with your points. That’s the most important thing to have beautiful skin. Even cosmetic surgery specialist also recommend these things after surgery too.

  4. I think plastic surgery can be a good thing.

    I don’t like to see these young girls (18-24) making such drastic life decisions at such a young age though.

  5. Going under the knife for any reason is not without risk. it alarms me when young women, especially, do it for self esteem reasons. The surgery isn’t going to fix that and something else will come up later, will there be more surgery? Keeping it real and natural, getting comfortable in your own skin and ignoring the fakeness of magazines and movies (all touched up) will go a long way towards decreasing the elective plastic surgery amongst our young women. Also, society’s support of natural womanhood.


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