Getting Back Your Freedom With a Mobility Scooter


Losing your ability to get around independently, either due to an acquired disability or simply by getting older, can be a devastating and frustrating experience.  Sitting back and watching the world pass you by is probably not how you imagined spending the rest of your life.

Mobility Scooter

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for this.  If you want to continue living a relatively active social life, being able to get out and about when you choose, a mobility scooter could help you claim back your freedom.

Modern mobility scooters are electrically powered vehicles that typically can operate at speeds between 4 and 8 mph.  These are not exactly Formula One speeds, but they’re speeds calibrated to help you negotiate your way around busy city streets safely and comfortably.  The idea is to make the experience as safe as possible for you, plus of course also to ensure the safety of pedestrians around you.

The scooters have four wheels, and how the different models mainly compare is in the size and configuration of the wheels.  Larger wheels give more stability and ground clearance.

At the opposite end of the mobility scooter spectrum, there are folding scooters.  These typically have very small wheels and not a lot of ground clearance.  The proper use of these, even though some people use them for everyday transport, is as a temporary scooter that can be folded for easy transport.  For example, attending a family dinner or a wedding, where it would be difficult to transport a full sized scooter, and perhaps not entirely necessary.  One thing is for sure – it beats missing out on those important family events.

So people who have folding scooters usually just keep them for those occasions where they need to travel somewhere by car, and use a full sized scooter for their every day use.  This provides the maximum flexibility in terms of being able to live life as actively as possible.

The main things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a mobility scooter are safety, quality, and cost.  With regard to cost, many sellers such as Monarch Mobility, offer interest-free financing plans, so your mobility solution may be a lot more within reach than you expect.

Another way you can get yourself a mobility scooter without incurring a huge financial cost is to participate in the Motability Scheme.  This is a special scheme that allows people who are receiving a mobility allowance from the UK government to use some or all of their mobility allowance to finance the lease of a mobility scooter.

The Motability Scheme is excellent value because it includes 3 years of comprehensive insurance,  a full 3 year warranty for parts and labour, free replacement for tyres and batteries, and many other excellent benefits.  With this service, you can have access to a mobility scooter for as little as  £15 per week, with the costs being covered by your government mobility allowance.

If you feel like you’re missing out on living life to the full because you’re finding it more difficult to get about, consider buying or leasing a mobility scooter.  It literally will give you back a great deal of what you’ve been missing.

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  1. You mentioned that you will want to get a scooter that can be maintained and repaired, so that you can get the full life out of it. A good friend of mine has a few health complications and it can make walking for him very difficult. If he were to work with a service that could come in and repair the chair when necessary, it would allow him to use it all the time and not have to worry about staying safe when going out.


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