Autism Pride Day 2017


Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome is a neural development disorder that can be identified by characteristics like an inability to dwell among crowds and a lack of sense of communication. People with autism rarely maintain eye contact while interacting with others. They also behave unusually and stand out in a social setting because of this.

Autism Pride Day

Understanding Autism

There are a number of genetic and environmental factors that lead to a person becoming autistic. It can be anything from a negligent upbringing to a neurological defect that is observed from birth.

In case someone is born with autism, parents start noticing signs of it as early as when the child is 2 years old. Symptoms include a lack of concentration and focus, inability to maintain eye contact when communicating and repetitive unusual behavioural patterns.

Notable examples of people who suffered from Autism are the legendary music composer, Mozart, Hollywood Film Director and husband of actress Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton are known to have shown symptoms of Autism whereas the creator of the famous Japanese video game, Pokemon, Satoshi Taijiri was diagnosed with it.

Prevention & Cure

Autism is usually a result of genetic deformities. In such cases, prevention isn’t always possible but there are a lot of notable cases where autism has been cured or reduced to a minimum. It is still relatively unknown to the medical community about how to prevent autism but there have been some known methods that work:

  1. Some cases of genetic autism have been seen to happen because of some sort of chemical exposure during pregnancy – a reason you must avoid intake of any kinds of drugs when they’re pregnant.
  2. Following delivery, you need to diagnose early. One test is of phenylketonuria (PKU), which is a hereditary disease. You need to also test for the celiac disease.
  3. The National University of Seattle is funding an innovative research program to find out if autism can be prevented. The program has infants aged six or younger in it, and the study is aimed to help prevent symptoms of autism develop in the early stages of life.

The cure for autism isn’t easy to implement but it includes being more tolerant and sensitive towards autistic individuals. They are not mentally retarded and capable of grasping what society perceives them as, which is what intensifies their condition. They do react positively towards sensitivity and showing signs of affection and care can improve their condition. At the same time, people catering to them must be extremely patient with them, while teaching them how to control their behavior. A French book written by Dr. Corinne Skorupka and Dr. Lorèn Amet illustrates in a detailed how Autism can be cured.

It can however, be said that each case of Autism is unique and the cure must be implemented in a manner that is effective, specific to each case.

Autistic Pride Day 2017

In order to raise awareness about Autism and provide relief for patients of Asperger’s Syndrome, June was declared Autism Awareness month in 2005 and the organization, Aspies for Freedom took the initiative to universally declare June 18th as Autistic Pride Day.

The motivation behind this initiative is to promote acceptance of autistic people in society and be more understanding of their actions, without judging them and treating them as inferior or bad for society. Acceptance, Not Cure was the theme for the first Autistic Pride Day on June 18th, 2005.

The event stopped following a specific theme since 2012 and focuses on the broader perspective of promoting societal acceptance. While it is an internationally observed incident, some countries host major gatherings which are graced by notable individuals around the world, in support of autism and autistic individuals.

Autistic Pride Day is another major step taken to promote universal acceptance in Human Culture in a bid to make it inclusives for people of all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances. Basic human sensitivity should not be a luxury and we should develop it in ourselves and promote it as much as we can in order to make the world a better place for the underprivileged and discriminated members of society.

Here’s to a happy Autistic Pride Day 2017!

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