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is currently blogging for Bariatrx, medical weight loss doctors located in northern New Jersey. He usually likes to blog about dieting, men's health, workout regimens, and weight loss procedures. When he is not blogging or working, he enjoys working out and relaxing with his girlfriend. He has also competed in power lifting competitions and strives to get his bench press well over 315.

7 Different Ways Stress can Affect Men’s Health

Although men and women experience similar levels of stress, the lasting consequences of stress on each sex is remarkably different. Besides the health problems that can be caused by stress, it can have particularly...
Healthy Diet

Maintaining a Healthy Diet Throughout Pregnancy

As soon as a woman finds out that she is pregnant, her diet is one of the first things that will be addressed. Between the advice that comes from a woman’s doctor, her well-meaning...
Lose Weight

Figuring out Weight Loss tax Breaks in a World with Donut Sandwiches

If you remember The Simpsons, perhaps you'll remember an episode back in the 90s when Homer Simpson planned to get himself on disability insurance. He wanted to work from home, and he learned that...
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