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obesity in children

Truppr Chat #4 : Obesity In Children

Obesity in Children is a condition where excess body fat negatively affects a child's health or well being.A child can be over-weight, so don't over-feed your child. Don't think a chubby child is a...

Truppr Chat #3 : Body Shaming At Work

Body Shaming is the act of criticizing a person on how their body looks. A person can also be body shaming themselves based on other people’s judgement about their body.Do you ever feel insecure...
Breast cancer awareness

Truppr 5KM #PinkOctober Run

The month of October is #PinkOctober - Breast cancer awareness month and we are showing love and support to all the strong ladies battling Breast cancer, who have survived it and to the families...
Eating Healthy

Truppr Chat #2: Eating Healthy on a Budget

A lot of us would agree that eating healthy is perceived as something you do when you’re comfortable. Low-fat, oil-free, organic are all labels usually found on more expensive food options.But with more people...
Fitness a Fad or Necessity

Truppr Chat #1: Is Fitness a Fad or Necessity?

Truppr Chat is a radio show that focuses on your well-being and explores different ways you can be more active, from your eating habits to paying more attention to your health and also getting...
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