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Savannah Coulsen

Savannah Coulsen is a writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru.
Prenatal Checkups

Why Regular Prenatal Checkups are Important

Prenatal checkups are essential to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Not only do these appointments allow the obstetrician to monitor the developing fetus, it also allows the physician to observe the mother as well. These...
Healthy Teeth

Healthy Habits That Really Make an Impact On Your Life

A well-balanced diet and exercise program may be the cornerstone of a health lifestyle, but these two steps are only the beginning. Having the absolute best quality of life and the longest lifespan is...

Ways to Make the Side Effects of Menopause Easier to Handle

For most women, entering menopause can be a challenge due to the daily symptoms that are often experienced. From hot flashes to fatigue, it can be difficult to feel like yourself and remain in...
Running Injuries

Serious Injuries That Don’t Seem as Bad as they Actually are

Victims of accidents, such as a car wrecks or slip-and-falls, often have serious injuries that do not appear immediately following the incident. Left untreated, these injuries can result in lifelong pain and even death.Concussion A...

Looking For a Good Workout? Muscles You Use When Swimming

Lounging by the swimming pool is a way to show off your body, but if you actually get into the pool you can get a workout that gives you a body worth showing off....
Back Pain

Simple Tips to Help Prevent Back Pain

Back pain can be anywhere from mild and sporadic to chronic and nagging. Regardless of the type, it is one of the leading reasons why people visit a doctor and take the day off...

Ways to Teach Your Kids about Things that Damage Their Teeth

Teaching children about the necessities of proper oral hygiene can be tricky. Kids don't respond well to nagging or boring sit-down conversations about things they don't concern themselves with. However, steps should be taken...
Nutrition Workout

5 Workouts You’ll Actually Look Forward To

You already know you should exercise regularly, but that is easier said than done. Exercise can be hard to fit into your schedule, especially if you don’t like doing. If, however, you find a...
Kids Healthy

Healthy Habits That Will Help you in your Old Age

It can be difficult to think about old age while still in your youth, but the habits that are formed in early adulthood will ultimately determine longevity and overall well-being. Although it's important to...
electric toothbrush

Five of The Best Toothbrushes Dentist Recommend

To maintain proper oral care, most people know that it requires proper brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Although dental hygiene will improve with the two steps, it's also important to find...
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