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I am a freelance writer from Oceanside, California. Journalism graduate from San Diego State University. I'm a curious person that can find an interest in all things.
Blood Circulation

5 Easy Ways to Improve Blood Circulation and Increase Overall Health

It is very important and vital to a person's overall health to make sure that there is proper blood circulation throughout the body. There are many ways to improve circulation. Some of the tactics...
Pain Medications

Pain Medications and Correct Dosages: 5 Key Points

Today, physicians frequently prescribe medications for patients suffering from conditions that produce painful symptoms. The beneficial effects of alleviating pain have gained widespread acceptance within the medical community. Many Americans purchase over-the-counter pain relief...

Mystery Illness? What You Need to Know About Your Diagnosis

Having an illness is a serious concern for anyone. When it’s a mystery illness, the confusion is heightened. Society has always relied on doctors to supply them with treatments about their new diagnosis from...

Medication Education: 4 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

It is important to talk to the pharmacist about the medications prescribed to you. Even if you know what the medication is supposed to do for you, there are certain variables that could impact...
Dental Coverage

Insure Your Smile: How to Find the Best Dental Coverage

Did it ever occur to you that dental insurance is just as importance as any other form of insurance? Your teeth may be strong, but a single cavity or problem can require a huge...

5 Tips for Picking the Right Doctor During Pregnancy

Discovering that you're pregnant is a joyful time in any woman's life, but it is also stressful and challenging. Making sure that you receive the best medical care over the course of your pregnancy...
Colored Ribbon

Uniting in the Fight: What Does Each Coloured Ribbons Symbolize?

There are lots of coloured ribbons for various causes these days. It's gotten to the point where charitable people often have a hard time with distinguishing between all of the different causes. Having a...

When Your Loved One is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

Hearing a loved one get a diagnosis of Alzheimer's can be a terrifying and sad moment for your family. Often, it is the beginning of a long and arduous journey together. It is very...
Gum Pain

Tooth or Gum Pain? 5 Things This can Mean or Lead To

Dental health is as important and the rest of the body. When problems exist, there will be signs of pain and/or bleeding. Calcium decay is the biggest culprit for toothaches, while gingivitis is the...
Lavender Oil

5 Other uses for Essential Oils you Didn’t Know About

There are hundreds or even thousands of ways to use essential oils, but many people relegate these products to nothing more than infusers and diffusers. Not only are these oils great for their aroma,...
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