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Peter Smith is interested in writing about health and fitness related issues. He has a deep knowledge at this field.
Lose Baby Weight

How to Lose Baby Weight the Healthy Way

Being pregnant and then giving birth to a great baby boy or girl are the most amazing experiences that a woman can have in life. Pregnancy is amazing yet challenging. The same can be...

Is That True? Exercise Can Even Reverse Some of the Symptoms of Aging

Exercise and a good diet have always been linked with improved health and a decreased chance of contracting many diseases. In fact, the latest research suggests that exercise may be more than beneficial to...

7 Things That Caregivers Should Always Avoid While on the Job

Giving care to a loved one or to someone else’s loved one is a difficult task. The job can be physically demanding and mentally exhausting. Alongside the multitude of obvious tasks are a host...
Healthy Life

Good Nutrition, Active Lifestyle: Key for Seniors to a Long and Healthy Life

There is no doubt that people are living longer than they used to; this is partly due to an improvement in medical capabilities. It is also a result of an increased awareness of your...
Healthy Weight

Tips to Help your Child Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight

The obesity rate in children is increasing at an alarming pace. Heart disease, asthma, and diabetes are just some health concerns kids are predisposed to when they gain weight. Child obesity leads to serious...
Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic Surgery for Beauty – the Pursuit of Perfection

If you are being completely honest there will be at least one part of your body that you do not like. You would probably be happy to consider having plastic surgery to correct your...
Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease – How can you Recognize if your Parents are Suffering from it?

You don't see it coming. And nobody taps you on the shoulder halfway through Dad's 72nd birthday dinner and whispers that it's time to start having the dementia discussion. In fact, it creeps up...
Baby Boomers

Tips for Seniors to Help Baby Boomers Live Longer and Thrive

The generation which was once known as the baby boomers are now aging, the first of this generation will now be in their mid-sixties. The next decade will see a huge increase in the...
Plastic Surgery

Mommy Makeovers: Plastic Surgery Options to Make them look Young

The option to undergo cosmetic surgery is a prospective goal among many middle-aged women. The desire to reserve healthy looking skin by reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and other skin ailments, is a...
Shoulder Exercises

How Exercise Creates Feel Good Hormones and Helps you Live Longer

Did you ever wonder what happens inside the body when you work out? A lot of chemical processes are triggered when the body starts sweating; that feeling of euphoria during and at the end...
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