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Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health and fitness. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

Feeding the World: Farming Gets Its Sea Legs

The world is shrinking.Not literally, of course. When it comes to mass, our planet is the same size it’s been for billions of years. However, when one instead considers available land mass, that’s...

Trying Out 5 Different Diets: Which Ones Worked and Which Didn’t

If you scroll through any site, you are bound to find dozens of articles claiming that they have found the new way to lose weight. People all over the world are always continually trying...

5 Exercise Gadgets That Help You work Out While at Work

Due to increase in the 40 hours a week jobs, most people can hardly find time for any physical activity. Exercise is a proven way to boost physical and mental wellness. However, training takes...
cancer survivor

Helpful Tips for Managing Your Emotions Once You’ve Overcome Cancer

Overcoming cancer is not the end of the road for many cancer survivors. No matter how well your treatment worked, how well you’ve handled yourself throughout the situation, and how relieved you feel to...
Bigger Breasts

How a High Cholesterol Diagnosis Is Tied to a Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Body cells need cholesterol to function normally since it is an important component of the cell walls. It is also important for producing vitamin D, which is a compound that helps in digestion and...
Bleach and COPD

The Link Between Bleach and COPD

Recent studies have shown a compelling link between bleach and the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The use of this cleaning compound has been determined to increase the risk of developing COPD by...

Why Your Body Needs Pre Workout

While most of who workout know the value of the post workout shake, many neglect to use pre workout supplements. The same way a post workout protein shake gets nutrients and energy to muscles...

How Moms Can Reduce Their Risk of Breast Cancer

For many, breast cancer is one of the most feared illnesses a woman can get. Many are more afraid of the breast cancer than even the heart disease. While fewer women are diagnosed with...
Sprint Star Triathalon

What You Need to Know to Rock Your Next Sprint Star Triathalon

If you are planning on entering a sprint star triathlon, then you need to dedicate yourself to performing your best on race day. The key to doing well is to begin your sprint star...

Health Fads That Actually Work

The modern world is image conscious to the point that people are making money by selling fad diets. Diet firms often look for celebrities to market their ideal diet plans to the unsuspecting and...
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