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Josh Coleman has extensive experience as a chiropractor. His articles mainly appear on alternative health websites and blogs where he enjoys sharing his expert insights.

5 “NO’s” to Create an Obesity free World

Food is the fuel for the body and it has a direct impact on the body but sometimes, the wrong food habits and lifestyle can make an individual obese. Although obesity is reversible and...

Sweet Alternatives for Dieters

Sweets are normally considered off limits for those watching their diets. However, there are many healthy alternatives to sugary foods that can satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. There are even some products that...
Healthcare IT Jobs

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET), How to Become One

Biomedical technicians play a major role in successful patient outcomes in healthcare by designing, calibrating, repairing and inspecting medical equipment that is growing more vital and advanced all the time.Also known as biomedical equipment...
Good Posture

Don’t Slump! Your Mother Was Right Good Posture Does Matter

Back pain. Neck pain. Malaise. All of these things come as a special bonus for having bad posture. We’re all prone to bad posture at some point; after all, the easy thing to do...
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