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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches.
Varicose Veins

Painful Veins: How to Identify and Treat Varicose Veins

Numerous conditions can result in pain deep within the limbs, but the most prevalent and untreated of these conditions are varicose veins.Varicose veins affect about half of all adults over 50 and about 15...
Prescribed drug

4 Signs Your Doctor Prescribed You a Dangerous Drug

Patients go to doctors to treat everything from respiratory infections to cancer. The success of these treatments heavily depends on the skill of the doctor and how he administers the treatments to the patient.When...

Top 4 Supplements to Boost Your Overall Health

If you eat a well-balanced diet, you may feel you are getting all the nutrition you need. While you may feel healthy, there is a chance that adding a few supplements to your diet...
Healthy Teeth

Glistening Smile: Comparing Teeth Whitening Options

There are many teeth whitening systems on the market. These include toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips, as well as products obtained from a dentist. Teeth whitening works best on people who have healthy teeth that...
Muscle Gain

4 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Muscle Gain

If you want to get big, you've got to do two things: incorporate weight training into your workout routine, and pack plenty of protein into your daily diet. Sounds easy, right? It can be,...
Expecting a Baby, 4 Symptoms to Watch Out For

Expecting a Baby? 4 Symptoms to Watch Out For

Pregnancy is often anticipated with much excitement as women who have hoped for a baby to hold are now walking down that path. However, the so-called pregnancy glow may soon be replaced with a...
What is HIPAA and What Does It Mean for You

What is HIPAA and What Does It Mean for You?

Many people believe that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), passed by Congress in 1996, focuses only on keeping your medical information private. Much of that belief comes from new privacy agreements...

4 Dental Conditions You Can Fix with Orthodontics

There are currently four million people in America under orthodontic care of some sort. Many still think of orthodontists as people that put metal braces on teenagers teeth to straighten them out. In reality,...
Prescription Drugs

4 Mainstream Prescription Drugs with Dangerous Side Effects

A drug doesn't have to be declared defective by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to pose a real danger to the people who take them. More than a few approved prescription medications are...
In a Workout Rut, Four Activities to Break Up Your Routine

In a Workout Rut? Four Activities to Break Up Your Routine

Whether you run in the park near your home or head to the gym on a regular schedule, sometimes doing the same old fitness routine can get boring. The danger in that is it...
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