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I am a plastic surgeon in Toronto and my private practice is largely dedicated to cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast reconstruction and tummy tuck. I feel that each surgery must be individualized to each person's unique situation. As a plastic surgeon, I sincerely love making people feel more confident about themselves and their bodies. Although I am thoroughly passionate about my profession, in my past time I love to swim, bike, and dance, as well as spend a lot of quality time with my dog Linus! Follow me on Google plus.
Gender Transitioning

The Rooting Trend of Gender Transitioning

Gender transitioning is when a man or woman switches their gender to the one that they feel most comfortable as. People have been going through the transition for many years now, but it has...
Victoria Beckham

Female Celebrities With the Best Plastic Surgery

For many celebrities, plastic surgery is a common procedure. Not only is it credited with enhancing beauty, but it can also indirectly boost a celebrity’s popularity and ratings. When performed correctly, plastic surgery can...
Breast Active Review

Can You Pair a Breast Lift with a Breast Augmentation?

While there are numerous benefits to the breast augmentation procedure, many patients find that the breast implants themselves have little impact on sagging breasts. Breast implants can change the shape and feel of the...
Bigger Breasts

How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

Breast size is often a source of great embarrassment, shame or annoyance for many women. For those women who are unsatisfied with the size of their current breasts, this is the ultimate torment as...
Breast Active

Breast Implants and Lifting Weights: Pros & Cons

Breast augmentation surgery—or breast implants—is a very popular procedure which has helped many women enhance their appearance with a fuller, more womanly figure. Women decide to have breast implants for a wide variety of...
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