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Ebiojo David

I am a biochemist and nature lover, i love writing and educating people on health and health matters.
Hepatitis B

Home Remedies For Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is the inflammation of the liver caused by the Hepatitis B virus that can lead to both acute and chronic infections of the liver. It has no symptoms at early stage of...
Menstrual Pains

Supplements and Colours That Treats Menstrual Cramps

Period cramps can be so disturbing and painful to the extent of even disrupting our usual daily activities. In this article, we will be looking at natural supplements (vitamins and minerals) that can help...
Hepatitis C

Home Remedies for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is inflammation of the liver that can infect and damage the liver; it usually shows no symptoms until the liver has been significantly damaged. Symptoms includes high temperature, loss of appetite, constantly...
Preventing Cold

Effective Home Remedies For Preventing Cold

It is that cold time of the year and exposing ourselves to cold has a lot of negative impact on our bodies and health because there is a scientific reason that cold weather can...

Eating Well During Menstruation

Eating well during menstruation helps a woman a great deal; one of the ways to relieve menstrual pains is by eating well. In this article, we will be looking at how food can help...
Better Sex Life

How to Live a Healthy Life

A healthy life prevents diseases, makes one live long and happy on the earth. A healthy lifestyle includes our every choice day to day, from what we eat, what we put on our skin,...
Menstrual Pains

Essential Oils That Ease Menstrual Pains

Period cramps or pain is that painful, sharp feeling that women experience when on their periods. Some women’s pains are so severe that they can’t even carry on their normal daily activities. Most times...
Sudden Deaths

Two Major Causes of Sudden Death

Sudden death is a real situation that happens every day and it raises many questions in the minds of people; this also happens to young people and everybody is asking how? When? Why? This...
Sudden Deaths

Medical Reasons For Sudden Deaths

In one of my articles we talked about the reasons for sudden deaths, in this article, we will be expounding on those silent killers that can stay unnoticed in the body for years. Unnoticed...
Mango Leaves

Surprising Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Mangoes known as the king of fruits are common and popular fruits in Nigeria, there are very common from February/march till the middle of the year; this sweet fruit is loved by many and...
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