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Beth Kelly is a health and technology blogger from Chicago, IL. She graduated from DePaul University, and frequently covers new advances in home and medical technology and how they're changing people's lives.
Apple Watch

Apple Watch and Homekit Connect You to the Internet of Things

Flu season rears it’s head every year like clockwork. And when it does, and a saboteur strain of H3N2 influenza bypasses the vaccine, would you rather shove a thermometer down the throbbing ear of...
Dental Technology

Dental Technology That Will Make Your Dentist Smile

Oral hygiene is something that we should all take seriously, and this has been true for decades. What has changed in recent years is that technology is making it easier than ever before to...

Stopping the Superbugs – How Technology Can Help Us Combat Disease

Ebola should not be perceived as the terrifying, inescapable disease that mass media has led many to believe it is. It cannot be transmitted through air, water, food or mosquitoes and it only has...

5 Innovators That Modernized the Medical Field

The modern healthcare industry is one of the most technologically advanced industries in the world, but it was actually a fairly underdeveloped field until the 19th century. It has only reached the level it...
Diabetic Epidemic

New Technology for Diabetic Patients

Today, there are many emerging technologies that enable diabetics to live healthier and more active lives by using smartphone applications and wearable technology. These can function as a more advanced solution to problems that...
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