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I am a biomedical science student, with great passion for nutrition. I practice healthy living and I run a blog where I share weekly tips on healthy eating and lifestyle.
Healthy Eating

11 Tips on How to Start Eating Healthy

Have you ever been in a situation where you had so much passion and energy when you conceived an idea, but you couldn’t keep up again after giving the idea a shot?Have you ever...

7 unique ways to judge a Restaurant as a Healthy Restaurant

When looking for a good restaurant that is clean and healthy, there are no clear parameters to do so. There is no national grading system available for restaurants. It is the city's health department...
Allergy In Children

How to Identify Allergy in Children

Numerous grown-ups are unfortunate enough to experience the ill effects of an unfavorable susceptibility, which is regularly diagnosed after they have encountered particular indications when utilizing an item or consuming certain sustenance. Nonetheless, hypersensitivity...

Low Impact Exercises for Fitness Including Pilates band Workout

Exercise should be a part of everyone’s life. Walking, running, tennis, basketball – these are all good exercises people can do so they can stay healthy. However, not all exercises are appropriate for everyone....

Details and Facts about HgH Supplements

Many people believe that crash diets are the only sources through which a person can lose weight fast. A person can lose weight fast if he has a substitute or supplement along with his...
Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis: The Answer to Complete Relief

Drug and alcohol abuse comes with a number of consequences. In some cases, the consequences and even the addictions themselves may be compounded and exacerbated by other factors. Physical abuse, mental disorders, behavioral disorders,...
rheumatoid arthritis

Arthritis Pain Relief – The Diet Plan that Helped me

Arthritis victims today are continuously looking for relief from his or her arthritis pain. I got rid of my personal arthritis indicators and also arthritis pain in years past by making a change in...
Massage Therapist

Physical and Mental Benefits of Massage

Massages have been used therapeutically for ages in many cultures and places around the globe. Various techniques and approaches to massage were developed as a result, but it is generally accepted that massage therapy...
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