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My name is Ashley and I am a freelance writer and an occasional health and dating blogger. My main interests are weight loss solutions and the area of healthy eating. When I have time I like to travel and do yoga.
Medical Alert System

Live More Freely with a Medical Alert System

Just because you're growing older, doesn't mean you have to give up your independence. While age comes with certain risks, living in fear is not an option. Luckily, continuing advances in technology allow you...
Weight Loss Supplements

Organic vs. Synthetic Workout Supplement

Picking the right workout supplement can be as daunting of a task as buying a car or house. Well, maybe not quite, but the fact remains that there are simply too many exercise supplements...
manage stress

6 Healthy Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress

So many of us struggle to find more hours in the day to deal with our demanding career and family responsibilities, while finding nothing but more and more stress in this struggle. This heightened...
Anti ageing

Anti-Aging Methods: 7 Skin Care Myths and Truths

As you age, your skin does not retain its same elasticity, moisture, and firmness as it did during your youth. In today’s world, the appearance of your skin is more important than ever. If...
Back Pain

How to Reduce Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is not only a problem that is painful and often requires medical intervention, but it is also problematic because some of the activities that will help relieve back pain (such as...
Carbonated Beverages

The Hidden Dangers of Carbonated Beverages

Most people today are aware of recent research on the negative effects of sugary drinks on your dental health, spurring many people to lessen their intake of their favourite sodas and juices for other...
Sitting at Work

Sitting at Work: Why It’s Dangerous and What you Can Do

Having an easy desk job is not all that it is cracked up to be. In fact, sitting for six or more hours a day puts you at a 64% greater risk of dying...

Can Smoothies Damage Your Health?

Smoothies can be delicious and nutritious, but how healthy and nutritious your beverage is can depend on how it is made. Today it seems you can walk into any restaurant, cafe, or fast food...

Infographic: How Age Affects Fertility

When a woman decides that she is ready to have a baby, there are several areas of health she should be aware of to understand her potential fertility rate and the chances of naturally...

Getting the Body you Want With Protein and Exercise

There are many benefits of having protein in your diet. For instance, they are the building blocks of muscle, bone, skin and blood. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (ASDA), they are...
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