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Ariel Bellamy is a lively and curious mind, explorer of new ideas and a scribbler that looks for significance in words well written. She is devoted to make the world a greener and healthier place.
Underarm Skin

How to Feel Beautiful In Your Own Skin

Every girl has had it at least once (a week): that crazy feeling of bloatedness, anxiety and wanting to jump out of your own skin. And it is completely normal. In order to balance...
Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck: Preparation and Recovery

A lot of people, mostly women, struggle to resolve an issue related to excess abdominal skin which usually remains after childbirth or great weight loss. Since exhausting exercises and persistent dieting can’t restore abdomen’s...
Young Teenager

How to Be a Good Parent to Your Young Teenager

There is one singular and universal truth, a truth that parents job is never done. It is a job that takes 24/7 of your time and often doesn’t end even long after your kids...

Cataract: Symptoms and Treatment

Upon birth our lenses are crystal clear. They are made of water and protein, and the latter clumps together over time, hindering vision. Hence, many people have problems with a cataract, which is one...
Physiotherapy Clinic

How to Start and Grow Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Being new at something is always difficult, and it is even more so with entrepreneurship and starting a business on your own for the first time. Do not worry, there are so many things...
Broken Nose

Broken Nose: Symptoms and Treatment

Broken nose or a nasal fracture is one of the most common injuries. Since it is defined as a break or crack within the bone or cartilage of your nose, it affects numerous segments...

Taking your Child to the Orthodontist for the First Time

When it comes to the health of your children you shouldn't compromise or delay harmless interventions. To have a tonsillectomy, suffer from small pox and similar problems should be solved in their early childhood...
Organic Foods

Health Benefits of Natural and Organic Lifestyle

We all know it’s so easy to stray from a healthy diet, or to skip just one day of our fitness plan, or to just eat one more cookie that ends tasting not sweet,...
Child’s Feet

How to Take Proper Care of Your Child’s Feet

In most cases, parents do not notice foot problems because they do not know how to recognize the symptoms or their children do not want to admit anything, as they are afraid that they...
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