Apollo Hospital seeks Improved care for Nigerian Patients


By Bukola Adebayo

Dr. Narasimhan Subramanian, a senior consultant urology and andrology at the Apollo hospitals New Delhi, India, said this during a  two day Continuing Medical Education and free medical screening programme organised by Apollo Hospital, New Delhi in partnership with Viewpoint hospital in Abuja on Tuesday.

Apollo Hospitals

Dr Subramanian said, “Before a patient seeks medical treatment in India, the patient should make all the needed enquiry to ascertain the level of competence of the hospital. That is why we are collaborating with hospitals in Nigeria to make sure they get quality service when they get to India.

“Apollo hospitals have twenty branches in India with over 1,000 competent specialists. We have been the 2nd largest Kidney & Liver transplant unit last year in the world and our cost of treatment is one-fifth of other developed countries”.

“We have our focus areas, which we term “centres of excellence” namely the heart institutes, institute of orthopaedics, institute of neurosciences, institute of cardiac sciences, cancer institutes and emergency care”.

Dr Subramanian, urged Nigerians to go for medical checkups regularly so that many diseases can be detected early and treated at a reduced cost both to the patients and the hospitals. This also ensures curative treatment with less suffering

He stated, “Because people are living longer, we are able to detect cancers unlike in the past, and technology is helping in treatment. The common types of cancer amongst women are cancer of the breast, cervix and uterus, while amongst men are cancers of the lungs & prostrate. These cases are high in Africa. Some cancers like prostate are not preventable but early detection can make it curable”.

He also urged patients to embrace new technologies for surgery as it would reduce complications and improve & hasten their recovery & ensures early return to work.

Dr Subramanian added, “Robotic surgery is less invasive. It reduces the pain after surgery and the patient is able to recover quickly.

“The Apollo Institute of Robotic surgery has been able to carry out 430 successful surgeries since it was inaugurated and we hope that more patients and experts will embrace this technology & benefit adequately.”

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