How Anti-Aging Products can Benefit your Health


When we think of anti-aging products, we often picture thick moisturizing creams women slather onto their faces at bedtime. But did you know that new advances in anti-aging technology not only help you look younger, they also increase your energy, boost your immune system and help you achieve optimal athletic performance?

Anti-Aging Products

The Biological Causes of Aging

There are several biological elements that play a part in the aging process. Here are some factors that contribute the signs of age:

Telomere Shortening:

Imagine our chromosomes are microscopic X’s. The protective end caps of chromosomes, called telomeres, are made of repeated DNA layers which serve to prevent chromosomes from getting tangled. Each time a cell divides, a portion of the telomere is lost. Telomeres have been compared to a biological fuse: the shorter they get, the shorter, on average, our life spans are.

Free Radical Damage:

These molecules containing unpaired electrons are the thieves of the molecular world; they’re highly reactive and cause cellular damage as they steal electrons from the molecules around them. Free radicals have been linked not only to the signs of aging, but also to serious diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cellular Oxidative Stress:

This process causes free radicals and the corrosion of our cells. The overproduction of damaging molecules can lead to chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and cancer.

Our Defenses against Aging

Luckily, we’ve evolved molecular defenses to safeguard our cells and DNA. Modern microbiology is dedicated to finding ways to boost and maintain these processes, thus extending lives and preventing disease. Here are some of the keys that could unlock the fountain of youth:


Embryonic stem cells produce an enzyme called telomerase which renews and extends shortened telomeres, allowing cells to divide and replicate indefinitely without losing genetic information. Researchers believe telomerase may be the key to creating “immortal” cells and have found several compounds that activate telomerase in adult cells.

The benefits:

Studies revealed that over 75 percent of people who used telomerase activators have reported improvements to their skin health and immune function. An additional 50 percent reported improvements to their libido, overall energy, and quality of sleep.


“Antioxidant” describes any compound that stabilizes free radicals by donating a spare electron. They stop free radicals from electron-thievery and get the free radicals to act like normal, non-destructive molecules.

The benefits:

Antioxidants provide numerous health benefits including the prevention of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and skin cancer. A 6-year trial revealed that antioxidant supplements reduced the occurrence of macular degeneration in people at high risk for the age-related eye disease.

Redox signaling molecules:

These cellular messengers are created by mitochondria in cells and are critical to biological function. Imagine mitochondria as workers in a cell-building factory: redox signaling molecules are messages mitochondria use to communicate with other cells, thus activating the immune system and mechanisms responsible for repairing and restoring damaged cells.

Until recently, it’s been impossible to create redox signaling molecules outside the human body. However, in 2007 researchers developed a process in which sterilized saline (salt water) undergoes a process of electrolysis, thus creating a clear liquid solution, called ASEA, with the same kind of redox signaling reactive molecules found in our bodies (Source: ASEA Reviews).

The benefits:

Elite athletes had improvements to recovery time and overall performance. A month-long study of a redox signaling skin gel shows a reduction of wrinkles by 23%.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology to fight the battle against aging, modern science has revealed that the fountain of youth lies within us.

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