9 Fitness Hacks for Lazy People


Does the thought of exercise already tire you? You want to lose weight but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to go to the gym, make that 30- minute jog every morning or simply walk to the grocery store. Don’t lose heart, here are nine fitness hacks especially made for lazy people like you.

Fitness Hacks1. Get a Gym Buddy

Working out with someone can help you stick with your workout routines. Preferably, you will want to work out with someone who enjoys exercise more than you do. In this way, he can help you cultivate your love for exercise. He can be the one dragging you to the gym or your push up partner. Now isn’t that fun?

  1. Eat Healthy

You won’t need to burn your calories in the gym if you practice healthy eating. Much of your additional body fats are product of unhealthy eating habits. Save yourself gym time by choosing to eat healthy foods. Lean more about dietary fats.

  1. Walk or Run Whenever You Have The Chance

Grocery 5 minute walks away? Skip the car and walk it instead. Aside from giving your body a chance to burn a few calories. Your wallet will also thank you for saving money from gas.

  1. Make Chore Time, Exercise Time

Don’t have the time to go the gym? Do your chores at home and move your body. You can also watch a workout video right from your home computer and do your workouts in the large space of your living room.

  1. Shop for Workout Clothes and Prepare them The night Before

Just like preparing for a test, you have to prepare for your gym session. It helps you condition your mind and body before your workout. Create a routine every night of preparing your post-workout meal, and your fitness clothes. You will also increase your exercise performance if you get enough sleep every night.

  1. Find an app that will help you track of your fitness goals

If you don’t track your progress, it will feel too easy to quit your fitness program.  It can feel tiring if you don’t see any progress in your exercise plan. Some people quit after two weeks of not seeing any results.

  1. Drink for Energy

Workouts can be tiring and difficult if you don’t keep yourself hydrated. When you sweat you lose valuable energy and electrolytes needed by your body to move on. To help yourself stay hydrated during every of your workouts, keep a water bottle nearby. You can also create protein shakes whenever you prepare your post-workout meals.

  1. Join a Group

Working out with a group will help you stay motivated. With a group, you are less likely to miss your workouts. You will tend to show up more and feel a sense of belongingness. You can even challenge each other to accomplish your fitness goals together.

  1. Don’t Give Up Prematurely

Giving up is a sign of weakness. You lack grit, motivation and mindset for success. If you want to succeed in your fitness goals, you have to learn to endure. Sweat it out, run, and jump as high as you can!

Fit people have discipline. They don’t give up; instead, they break tasks into achievable portions. If you need to work out for a specific number of sets a day – you can make your task a lot easier by breaking the sessions into small segments. Follow these nine fitness hacks and don’t forget to reward yourself for every task done well.

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  1. Sophia Matthews says

    Great article! Healthy eating is half the workout – if you stop eating when you’re full you will be surprised by the results. Most people eat just a bit extra, because the meal is delicious or because they were very hungry. And this is the reason why we put on weight.

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