8 Surprising Myths about Wisdom Teeth


I cannot speak, I cannot eat, I cannot sleep, and it’s bleeding, very painful. What did you think? I am complaining about Love, no, no, it is the infamous wisdom teeth that I am talking about! Yeah the third molar, dentists have a pet name for it. It seems like everyone is growing it, more accurately bearing it, these days. There are some myths related to it, I am disclosing them with the facts, how wise I am already, I don’t need that!

Wisdom Teeth

Myth #1: Right after getting it extracted, you might not feel anything at all, no pain no sorrows. Everything gets numb.

Reality#1: No, hold on, this is anesthesia. Once it will wear off, you can feel everything, like you used to do.

Myth#2: You can get rid of pain by eating whipped crème, like a cow.

Reality#2: No, it doesn’t do so actually. It is just soft, liquid and YUM! You still have to bear the pain sadly.

Myth#3: You wouldn’t get crazy after the procedure; it will be gone forever, like some people do.

Reality#3: Not at all. You will be anything but sane. You will do all the things like you’d do when drinking except in this case it is not actual drinking but an ugly doctor with some instruments who made you do this.

Myth#4: You’ll be handed over with your wisdom teeth after the surgery, to place it in your tiara and be a little Phoebe.

Reality#4: No, that’s not true; unfortunately…Don’t be sad, you’ve had worst.

Myth#5: It is given this so inaccurate name because they have all your brains, once they’re out, you are a mannequin

Reality#5: It got this name because you start to grow (read bear) those around 17 or so, one is older enough by then to deal with this torture, patiently.

Myth#6: Wisdom teeth are like phone, everybody’s got them.

Reality#6: 35% of the population never gets them. (LUCKY!!)

Myth#7: Squirrels are ugly.

Reality#7: No they are adorable with all those teeth.

Myth#8: Don’t get them extracted, it sucks.

Reality#8: No work, no school, meds, pain killers, milkshakes, yummy soft fruits, most importantly a permanent relief from pain? Totally worth it!

Myth#9: It is mid July.

Reality#9: No it is February, I just made this one up, and I am high on pain.

This is all I had to discuss about this mysterious product of our body, say wisdom teeth. Have you had yours yet? How are you feeling?

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