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8 Natural tips For Healthy and Beautiful Teeth

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Your smile says a lot about you. If you have a smile that is full of crooked, broken, stained, or otherwise unappealing teeth, people may think that you don’t care about your personal hygiene. In addition, those who do not have nice smiles are more likely to feel self-conscious and embarrassed when in personal settings. Luckily, having nice teeth doesn’t take thousands of dollars in treatments at the dentist. Instead, here are 8 natural tips for healthy and beautiful teeth.

Gum Tissue Graft Surgery

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Brush After Each Meal

The number one most important factor for having beautiful teeth is that you have to brush. If you brush daily, or even twice per day, that’s great. However, if you really want to have beautiful teeth, then you need to brush after each meal. Whenever you eat food, remnants from your meal will stick to your teeth. But once you brush, then you can remove these elements and have a shinier smile.

Make Sure Your Toothbrush Is In Good Condition

Brushing is a great way to start; that is as long as your toothbrush is in good condition. However, many people are surprised to find out that their toothbrush may not be as useful as they had hoped. For example, if a person is using a toothbrush that is too large or too small, then it may not be adequately cleaning their teeth. In addition, a toothbrush that hasn’t been changed within the last three months likely needs to be switched out for a newer model.

Don’t Forget To Floss

Many people will opt for not flossing, and they hope that brushing is doing the job. However, flossing takes just an extra minute out of your day, and it makes for strong gums and healthy teeth.

Eat More Cheese

If you are looking to add some foods to your diet that are great for your smile, cheese is a ideal place to start. Cheese is high in vitamin D and calcium, both of which will make for stronger teeth and bones.

Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals

Other foods that you can add to your diet include options like fish or spinach. Both are rich in protein and magnesium, which are two vital minerals for oral health.

Brush After Eating Fruits

It’s important that you eat enough fruits if you want to have a healthy diet. And the good news is that fruits like strawberries will actually help you have a brighter smile. However, in order for that to be true, then you need to brush after eating these fruits. This is because fruits can have cleansing properties when being eaten, but they will also stain your teeth if you let them linger.

Enjoy more Chocolate

That’s right, chocolate is good for your oral health. Well, dark chocolate that is. Just because you want to have nice teeth doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to limit the tasty food that you eat. Instead, you can enjoy dark chocolate and still have a nice smile.

See Your Dentist

Finally, it’s important that you make sure that you visit your dentist at least twice a year if you want to have a beautiful smile. Your dentist will help to give you the deep cleaning that you need, while also ensuring that your oral health is in good condition for the future.

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  1. Bharat says

    Hi Jonathan,

    Brushing after each meal is very difficult or impossible. For example if you’re a working professional you won’t carry your brush with you so that you can brush you teeth after having lunch or tea/coffee, and I’m sure you agree with me.

    If I’m not wrong I have heard eating sweets and chocolate damage your teeth and you’re suggesting chocolate is good for teeth.

  2. Caryl Anne says

    Very informative and helpful post! I couldn’t agree more that seeing your dentist regularly not only keeps you and your mouth healthy and protected, but it could lower costs, especially overtime! Thanks for sharing!

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