7 Yoga Postures That Will Boost Your Sexual Drive


For most people, sexual health is a primary concern. When problems develop in the bedroom, many side-effects can also develop, with depression being one of the most common issues that people tend to develop when their performance in the bedroom starts to suffer. There are numerous sexual problems that both men and women can suffer from.

Amongst men, a larger number of factors have been identified and, since an erect penis is necessary for penetration, sexual problems amongst men can often lead to no sexual intercourse at all. Premature ejaculation is another particular problem that can have a devastating impact on a man’s ability to perform well in the bedroom and thoroughly satisfy their partner.

Even though erectile problems and ejaculation issues are quite common amongst men, another problem that is often not focused on as much as a low sex drive – yet, this particular condition can also cause havoc on the man’s abilities in the bedroom and even lead to long periods without any sexual intercourse. In turn, this may lead to problems developing with the man’s mental health and even cause issues in the relationship the man has with his partner.

Low Sexual Drive Amongst Men

The fact that a low libido is a condition that is usually associated with women since it is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions that women suffer from, it is also rather common amongst men – just not as much attention is paid to this particular problem in men. A study that was performed by the Wright State University School of Medicine in Ohio found that around 15% of men are affected by this sexual dysfunction, and it often tends to cause a significant amount of problems with their sex lives. When treated such condition, men often tend to participate in exercises for erectile dysfunction or try remedies that will help them improve their stamina and endurance, but this is often not the most appropriate treatment method.

The first approach that should be taken to treat a low libido in men is to identify the factors that may be causing the man to experience a reduced sex drive. It is also important not to expect a “fully loaded” sex drive every time sexual activity is “on the table.” There are many factors that can contribute to a temporary reduction in a man’s sex drive – this is considered normal. Only when this particular problem continues to present itself frequently should it be considered a potential dysfunction.

HealthLine explains that a low testosterone level, as well as certain medication, are often to blame for a reduced sex drive in men. Depression, which affects as much as 4.7% of men over the age of 18 in the United States, as reported by the National Institute of Mental Health, is another contributing factor that may cause a man to completely lose interest in sexual activity. Age, sleep deficiency, a significant amount of stress and existing medical conditions should also be considered when treatment is sought for the relieve of a low libido in men. When considering these numerous causes, simply using one of the best male enhancement supplements may not always be an appropriate approach to treating these problems as underlying issues may be the cause.

Yoga Moves Men Can Use To Boost Their Sex Drive

While some medication and lifestyle adjustments can be used, as well as counseling, men should also consider turning to yoga when they want to boost their sex drive and get rid of a low libido. There are many different yoga poses that have been proven as beneficial for men who find themselves not being interested in sex when their partner initiates an intimate activity. These yoga moves work in different ways to deliver a powerful boost in libido, as well as to provide the man with many additional advantages.

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  1. Vanessa Okoye says

    wow! interesting!

    1. Will O'Conner
      Will O'Conner says

      Thank you @Vanessa Okoye

  2. Kaustubh says

    I want to do Yoga but missed it every time due to laziness. Please suggest how could i start it?
    And, what is the basis Yoga Steps? Do you have any such article on the Yoga?

    1. Will O'Conner
      Will O'Conner says

      Hi Kaustubh, Hope you are doing Great!!

      Firstly – Yoga is the best thing if you want to get back to shape and settle your mind with peace and get yourself medicated for sure !

      Secondly – Stop being lazy because it is your body who will suffer if you are not active enough in doing things that will benefit you in long run. No one will suffer, it is you that will. So,start Yoga as soon as possible and stay fir and healthy for a healthy living.

      Thirdly – Article that will help you.
      Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7AYKMP6rOE
      Article – https://goo.gl/2sGXMA

      Hope it helps you 🙂

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