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7 Most Common Dental Problems Anyone Can Suffer

Dental problems can be prevented through constant oral care and maintenance of the teeth. Enamel, which is the tissue covering the teeth and the one responsible for protecting it from damage, plays a huge role in keeping the teeth intact. Around the world, there are roughly 30% of people in the senior population that do not have natural teeth anymore, and around 90% of children and adults have dental cavities – according to World Health Organization.

This means anyone can suffer any form of dental problem, which can generally affect your way of life. Although most of us have learned to live with this and we get used to medicating them when the need arises, prevention is always better than cure. Here are 7 of the most common dental problems that anyone can suffer. As the expert says, they will use some dental instruments to fix this problem. I offer, Dr.Karlheinz Healthcare. It is orthodontic company that provides a 100% quality of dental instruments.

  1. Tooth Decay

Tooth DecayTooth decay is also known as cavities and happens when there are too much plaque build-up on the teeth. Tooth decay is only the beginning of dental problems. This occurs when sugary and starchy food is left on the teeth for long periods of time. Therefore, this can be prevented through constant brushing to ensure that there are not plaques left on the teeth.

  1. Gum Disease

Gum DiseaseGum diseases can start from an infection of the gums due to bacterial attack. These bacteria commonly originate from the tooth that suffers from tooth decay. Plaque and bacteria can attack the gums directly also, which when untreated, can lead to serious infections. The first form of gum disease is called gingivitis. When it becomes worse, the condition is called periodontitis.

  1. Enamel Erosion

Enamel ErosionEnamel is the tissue coating that covers the teeth and protects it from bacteria. This tissue is generally the strongest one amongst the ones making up the teeth. However, constant bombard of plaque, bacteria, acid and sugary food can lead to the weakening and eroding of enamel. When enamel is destroyed, it leaves the teeth defenseless from bacterial infections.

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