7 Exercises You Should Be Adding to Your Weekly Workouts


We all know that there are many benefits to exercising regularly. Regular workouts improve our energy, lift our mood, give us positive energy and most importantly, improve our health. Most people who are diligent at working out often perform the same set of exercises every day. Because your body gets used to the same set of exercises very soon, doing the same exercises can cause you to fall short of your fitness goals.

Therefore, adding a variety of exercises to your weekly workout regimen is a smart approach. Here is a list of the top eight exercises that you should add to your weekly fitness regimen.

  1. Suspension Training:

Suspension training is just not for fitness enthusiasts. There are hundreds of suspension training exercises that can be done to either work specific muscles, or target the entire body. If this isn’t something you’re already doing, take a look at www.aerobis.com for professional advice on what to purchase.

Perform these exercises three times a week for up to 15 minutes. For fat loss, side lunges, squats and the power press are some of the best suspension training exercises.

  1. HIIT Workout:

Standing atop the list is the high-intensity interval training or HIIT workout. You will perform a particular set of exercises with short intervals. Based on your fitness level and time, you can perform HIIT workouts anywhere from 7 to 30 minutes. Exercises in HIIT include a quick warm-up, jumping jacks, squats, lateral hops and high knees, burpees and lunges, core exercises such as ab hops, plank, crunches and push-ups, and relaxing stretches in the end. These exercises are designed to strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength and flexibility. Include three days of HIIT training in your weekly workout routine.

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  1. I think it would be quite difficult to start working out on these exercises by yourself. Sometimes, hiring a personal trainer is more helpful to get you achieve your goal and keep motivated.


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