7 Activities to Improve Your Memory Power


Once we leave school and take up a boring office job, some of us notice that our memory begins to slip. Since we do the same task day in and day out, we need to become more creative in keeping our memory and then trying to improve it. Well, I have discovered 7 different exercises to improve your memory power. Keep reading to help improve your memory.

Improve Your MemoryStart testing yourself

When I go to the grocery store, I always have a list. I bring it inside with me, but I always pick everything up first, and when I am ready to check out, I check my list to make sure that I remember everything. This is one way on how to improve your memory. Your memory will gradually improve in time. It probably took me about 4 different trips until I finally remembered everything on my list, and I make a pretty big grocery list.


I am not recommending you to play music in the background, although that may work, I am recommending you learn something musical. You could join a choir or take up a musical instrument. Learning to read music will help to challenge your brain which is perfect for an “aging” mind. Go ahead, look online for community music groups so you can sharpen your mind and make some new friends.

Do your own addition

We live in a world of debit cards and PayPal, but next time you use cash, do the math in your head for how much change you will receive. If you choose to use the card rather than cash, then do the addition for how much your bill will be at the end. Just simple exercises like this can help to improve your memory and challenge you each time you pay for something.

Take up cooking

Men, women love it when a guy can cook. That is one way to our heart, so if you are married, why not sign up for a cooking class even just to impress your wife with a lovely meal? Cooking will also improve your memory if you learn about cuisine from other cultures. Since it uses numerous senses like taste and smell, you are using different parts of your brain. For the most part, you always use site and sound each day, but do you always use smell, touch, and taste? If you take up cooking, you soon will. Plus, it is fun to pair up the herbs and spices with food and drink.

Learn a foreign language

This is perhaps my favourite way to improve your memory. Having lived with flatmates from other countries, I picked up a few words and key phrases in Chinese, Thai, Hungarian, Portuguese and Italian. By doing this, I have improved not only my hearing and listening skills but also improved brain function. The more vocabulary you have, the less of a chance of losing your memory. Sign up for a Spanish class at your local community college to help learn a new language.

Draw something from memory

When I took an Art Appreciation class many moons ago, I had a project where I had to draw something from memory. I painted a tree in autumn from the Public Gardens in Boston. It was difficult for me to get the tree out of my mind due to the beautiful colours and foliage. Try it today.

Learn a new sport

When I lived with my flatmates in the United Kingdom, I started to learn new sports such as cricket and rugby. When you live with people from different countries and cultures, you learn to adapt and let your mind be open to new things. I must say living with different cultures helped to improve all of our memories.


These are 7 ways to improve your memory. If you want, you can also take some top memory pills. I recommend Gingko since it aids in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. There are numerous other pills on the market, but you can purchase ginkgo without a prescription at your local herb and health store. You can also ask them for other herbs that may improve your memory. Try one of these activities, or try a couple of them. They are all easy to start with, and you will notice an improvement in your mind over time. Learning a new language and new cuisine is fun, right?!


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