6 Ways to Choose an Effective Sleep aid


Most of the people in today’s world suffer from sleep related problems. The reasons behind the same are insomnia, stress, emotional disorders, and drug use and health problems. Environment can also lead to loss of sleep. There are various natural sleep aids, which help you get a sound sleep.

Sleep aid

Recognize the problem:

Before opting for a sleep aid, try to know what is preventing you from falling asleep. If it is only environmental disturbances, like your spouse who snores or loud neighbor, you just need to use simple sleep aid like earplugs or earmuffs.

Check your Environment:

When your surroundings are favorable for sleep, it would be easier to sleep. Sleep in a cooler environment. People sleep better when it is slightly cold. Try to keep noise to the minimum. Consider using a white noise box or play soft music if you think it can help you sleep easily.

Consider taking melatonin:

It is a naturally occurring hormone, which regulates circadian rhythms. One can take melatonin in supplement form since it is effective in increasing the duration of sleep in people. One should take between 1 and 3 mg of this supplement to see effective results.

Herbal Remedies:

They are natural way to improve the quality of sleep. Some of the options that can be considered are chamomile, kava and valerian. However, all of them are herbal but each of them has different quality. Thus, they would affect the physiology of people in different ways. Valerian shortens the time of falling asleep after you go to bed. However, many people complain of having headache after consuming the medicine.

Chamomile is consumed as tea and known to stimulate a soothing effect in the body. Kava can be used at times to reduce insomnia and stress since it has sedative properties. However, it should be rarely used since it can cause liver toxicity.

Counter Option:

The main ingredient in these sleep aids is an antihistamine. This item promotes drowsiness, which means it encourages sleep. However, you ought to know that over the counter drugs have many side effects like dried mouth, dizziness, blurred vision, drowsiness and other symptoms. Thus, unless it is extremely required one should not use them. Moreover, if someone is using them, they should use it for short time.

Avoid Risk:

you can visit a doctor to discuss about your problems. He would give you medicine based on your symptoms. These medicines have impact on your brain, slow down the nervous system and thereby induce sleep. These sleep aids are also known as sedative hypnotics and is useful to make people fall asleep quickly.

The duration of sleep is also increased with the help of these medicines. The chemical structures of these medicines differ. Some may have severe side effects while some other may be more addictive. Thus, it is very important to consult a physician so that you get the best medicine with least side effects. It is very important to choose your sleep aid wisely. You can also get online and check different online stores that sell these items.

Many stores are there but you ought to opt for the one that deal with genuine and effective sleep aids. The store that sells medicines with an assurance that their products have very little or no side effects at all should be your choice.

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  1. I especially love melatonin. I used to pop Unisom, but it would leave me absolutely fatigued the day after. Because melatonin is so natural, I never get any side effects. Of course, the problem with it is the tolerance factor. I take it everyday, so it’s not nearly as effective as it used to be. I’ll take a day off now and again and just use alcohol to get to sleep, lol. It helps ease the tolerance, but yeah, it’s not perfect — but it’s better than nothing!


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