5 Workout Tips for Mountain Biking


As thrilling the prospect of mountain biking is, without a little preparation it can be a messy business. In fact, flawless mountain biking is actually a lot about building strength. Hence, apart from eating healthy and resting enough, one also needs a particular set of exercise to pursue their thrilling and immaculate mountain biking experience. Following are the five most essential workout tips for mountain biking.

Mountain Biking

  1. Turkish get up: Even though it is a set of simple movements, Turkish get up ensures hip and shoulder stability. Moreover, it helps to build complete body strength. Besides, the seven movements of Turkish get up can also be performed as individual exercises so as to concentrate on areas of your weakness. Also, since doing about 5 complete Turkish get ups actually requires about 70 individual movements and a long span of time, it helps you to control your breathing and stay strong at the same time. All of these prove to be extremely beneficial when you are on the go.
  1. Deadlift: Deadlift does not just stimulate the lower body but also the upper body. It particularly works on the grip strength, shoulder stability, upper thighs, upper middle back, lower back, hamstrings and the hip hinge. These prevent you from being unbalanced and cause injury on the trail. Furthermore, it increases your cornering capability as well as your pedaling power. Deadlift also helps to jump and do bunny hops properly on the trail. All of these are keys to becoming an efficient and an injury averse mountain bike rider.
  1. Single leg deadlift: It might be a good idea for riders to start with body weight and work on hip mobility before moving on to the full exercise of Single leg deadlift. However, you should keep in mind that the accuracy of movement is much more important than the mass of weight you lift, so you might want to stick to little weights until you build up your core strength and mobility. The single leg deadlift is as close as you can go to the specifics of mountain biking. Excelling on this exercise will extensively increase your standing pedaling strength as well as making your riding switch foot more stable.
  1. Push up: Push up is like the cliché of the exercise world. Even though people generally start off with this, they hardly ever take it to the level of perfection. However, a push up is only beneficial if you perform the movements with accuracy Рparticularly when your body is perfectly straight, your hands are just outside your shoulder and your chest is touching the ground. Even though push-ups are less specific to mountain biking since you are basically lying down, it lets you work on the core pressing muscle connection, which is important in mountain biking.
  1. Chin up: Chin up is simply the best exercise for the back. However, being able to do just a few chin ups might not be beneficial at all. To absorb the benefits of chin up, you need to be able to do chin ups while holding about 50 pounds between your legs. This helps to build grip strength as well as balancing upper body muscles which proves to be very essential on rough trails. Practicing a chin up grip will also help you gain more strength. Moreover, this exercise actually engages your shoulder blades, which is crucial for you to achieve the most out of the exercise.

So be it for your adrenaline rush or your aspiration of becoming a mountain biker, following a specific guideline will always make things more efficient and easier. Also, a good idea is to keep yourself motivated by following forums and blogs such as ShapeFit and Adamant. You will have to particularly concentrate on building up your strength if you want to progress and enjoy mountain biking as much as you can. Henceforth, along with a healthy diet, a combination of exercise consisting of the Turkish get up, Deadlift, Single leg deadlift, Push up and Chin up will enhance your mountain biking experience. As bonus, you might also be able to perform a few stunts, however, make sure you achieve enough precision before you do so.

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