5 Ways to Get Through Our Accelerated Aging


Though a significant majority of us hate to admit age is fast catching up with us, we need to know how to combat with our destiny in aging. It is an unavoidable part of our life that we shall surely age, but we have corrupted our environment leading to the overexposure of UV rays which accelerate aging.

However, you can postpone your fate with aging by checking on your lifestyle, applying some creams, and Instantly ageless review. Here are some of the best ways of defying signs of aging on your delicate that are convenient and easy to adapt.

1. Make Water Your Best Friend

Water break

Water is a valuable element in human life that carries lots of benefits both medical and aesthetic. Your skin is the largest organ you have, and it requires lots of water to ensure it is in sound condition. When your body lacks enough water, your skin will show this as wrinkles and dry patches will start forming randomly on your skin.

As such, you will need to drink lots of water to replenish your skin tissues and cells. Besides, water is essential in flushing out harmful toxins that will accelerate wrinkles formation and other aging symptoms. Medics advocate taking a minimum of 6 glasses of water every day to ensure your skin is glowing and you are looking youthful as ever.

However, do not substitute water for soft drinks and ensure you stay clear carbonated drinks and take pure water to give your body all the support it requires.

2. Avoid Scented Candles

Gerontogenes are environmental aspects that catalyze the aging process. Conventional sources of Gerontogenes are scented candles, cigarette smoking, and stress. Though a significant majority of us are addicted to scented candles especially when going for romantic dinners, it is time you cut your relationship with it as it causes harm to your skin.

The candles are made with synthetic fragrances extracted from petroleum products which when burnt produce a harmful smoke to your body. Besides, avoid smoking or hanging around persons addicted to tobacco as the smoke will accelerate wrinkles formation. Chemicals from cigarette smoke and scented candles have proven to gradually cause damage non-smokers as their skin will absorb the harmful chemicals.

Additionally, avoid subjecting yourself to stress as much as you can. Stress compounds complications in your body with your skin being the worst hit. Thus, always find ways of lifting your spirit as it is the only way you can get reverse the effects of accelerated aging signs.

3. Shield Your Skin from the Sun

Sitting up in the sun

Overexposure of your skin directly to the sun has been listed as the number cause of skin aging. You will need to find a way of beating the sun, especially in the afternoons when the sun is hottest. Though you will need to bask in the sun, ensure it early in the morning before 10 am. UV radiation damages the elasticity of your skin and will cause sagging and wrinkles formation. Besides, overexposure to the sun rays is the leading cause of skin cancer which will not only damage your skin, but it is a life-threatening illness. You can beat the sun rays by wearing a sunscreen which will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and reverse some of the damages already caused. In addition to wearing sunscreens, you can consider wearing a fashionable hat or sunglasses to protect your skin from the sun.

4. Observe What You Eat


Eating a well-balanced diet is not good enough for you to combat aging signs but you will need to make a bolder move of taking foods in their natural form. You need to make a bold move quitting any processed foods especially those rich in phosphates. Phosphates weaken your bones and mess about the synthesis of Vitamin D in your body.

Watching on what you eat and sticking to a balanced diet will significantly slow down the aging process and cause your skin to start glowing again. Commit to eating leafy greens, fruits, and cauliflower. Though it might not be a fun experience in eating some of the foods recommended, the benefits will surpass the side effects by far. Certain Bad Habits that are Damaging Your Skin.

5. Go Natural and Sleep well

Though the beauty industry is advocating for piles and piles of products to deal with your condition, you can defy the advice and go for natural products. For instance, you can work on masking your face regularly with readily available products in your home. Some of the products in the market have more harmful elements that cause hormonal imbalances which further harm your body. High levels of paraben found in beauty products increase the aging rate of women. Thus, take time to research on natural products you can use on your face to defy signs of aging. Milk, honey, and pawpaw facial masks should be top on your list.

Believe it your body needs rest, and the lack of it will be evident on your skin. When your body is worn out your eyes will show and consistent lack of rest will easily cause wrinkles and sagging of your skin especially on areas around your eyes. Giving your ample body rest means your body cells have to regenerate and stay strong. Taking enough rest helps your body to deal with stress and anxiety which are critical in accelerating aging. Nonetheless, you will need time to unwind before getting to bed to ensure your bed gets the rest it requires. Thus, it is recommended you ditch your phone or computer 2 hours before bed to ensure your whole body is geared towards taking a rest.

Finally, remember that your commitment to all the five techniques to deal with accelerated signs of aging determines the results you will get. Do not underestimate the power of persistence even when things get tough and you feel the need to give up. Thus, before giving up on everything you need to check on instantly ageless review as it is the number one remedy you need to consider. Lastly, always check on new methods of dealing with signs of aging as new techniques are invented by researchers almost daily.

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