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5 Unusual Baby Gifts that will make Parents Smile

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When you are invited to a baby shower you might not know what to give the new parents. The parents will receive a lot of baby outfits and toys, but is that really what the baby needs? If you want to give a memorable and lasting gift to an infant, try giving one of these 5 unusual gifts.

Baby Gifts


You might not think of giving a newborn books, but that is one of the best gifts you can give! Start a collection of classic literature for the newborn, from well-loved baby books to classic children’s literature like Tom Sawyer and A Little Princess for when the baby gets older. Purchase high-quality, hardcover books so the baby can have books that will last and look good in his or her room at any age.

Photo Props and Packages

Every new parent wants to capture the changes in their baby as they age. However, after paying for the birth, baby equipment, and insuring the new bundle of joy, most parents don’t have a lot of cash to spend on photographing their little one. You can help a couple out by chipping in some cash for a baby’s first year photography session with a popular photographer in their area. At the very least, provide a few fun photo props so the parents can take some pictures themselves. Things like hats, bows, bow-ties, cowboy boots, baseball gloves, ballet shoes, and other colorful props add fun to any baby photo. You can also purchase a set of monthly stickers for baby to wear in each monthly photo.

Stocks and Bonds

Most babies could not care less about what toys they receive at birth, and babies quickly grow out of newborn clothing. One gift that stands the test of time is the gift of an investment. You can buy stocks in well-established companies or purchase bonds for a newborn. These gifts will continue to grow over time and help set up the new little guy or girl for the future. The parents will thank you too, for saving space in their home and thinking of the future.

Cord Blood Banking Gift Card

Cord blood banking can be expensive, but it is something that is vastly beneficial to a new baby. What better way to help a friend out than by providing them with some of the cash to protect the health of their baby? Many cord blood banks allow you to purchase gift cards to their bank. If you choose to chip in for banking, make sure that the bank will pick up blood from the hospital where your friend will give birth. You don’t want the banking gift card to go to waste!


Create some free babysitting certificates for the parents-to-be. This is a great way to allow the couple some guilt-free alone time as their baby ages. If you do not live in the same town as the couple, purchase a gift certificate to a local baby-care center. You may not think this is a gift for the baby, but the parents will return refreshed and better able to care for their demanding infant.

You do not have to stick to the traditional box of clothing or diapers when purchasing a baby gift. Sometimes, unusual gifts are the best and most memorable choice. You will create lasting memories and help the parents give their baby the best start in life.

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  1. Mena says

    Being a deferred gratification type of gal, I love the gift of investment. Not only does this provide a nice little payout for the child when they come of age, but it teaches them how to deal with money responsibly (particularly if they start adding to their investment as they grow).

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