5 Tips You Need to Consider for a Healthy Life


Health is the common well-being of the physical and the mental state. In the fast paced life where fame, money and insecurity have their room, your health takes a back seat. While your health is in a deteriorating state, making your life count can be way more challenging than when you’re healthy. While each of these individually may seem incapable of transforming you, collectively and over time, they will inevitably have a tremendous impact on your health; for good. Doing all of these regularly with consistency will unlock your healthy state of being.

  1. Get Enough Rest

Enough Rest

The lack of rest can seem to be a problem mostly with people between the age group 18-30. While sleeping well will not avoid diseases and sickness, but the lack of it can surely make your body weak enough and sensitive to heart problems, obesity, etc. Researchers have found that better sleep could positively affect your health, weight, and mood. Just like a motor vehicle needs rest after riding a long distance, your body after working hard all day and being active needs sufficient rest to restore your energy for better performance the coming day.

  1. Exercise

Did you know that your body craves for physical activity? Lack of physical activity can lead to a lot of health issues. Running or going for a jog regularly will immensely do good to the heart and keep diabetes and obesity away. By taking up any activity like swimming, running, weight training, sports, you can shun symptoms and possibilities of almost all diseases. You will see better results in your exercise routines when you maintain a proper diet. Besides your physical fitness, you will also see much improvement in your energy levels with a much better mood.

  1. Creative Activity

Engaging in any activity that involves creative thought process, stimulates positive and happy emotions which are truly essential for the mind. Anything from music, painting, dance, designing are all activities that aren’t just fun, but they also boost your confidence level and make the best of your time. Such activities help you release what’s within yourself to feel better by making you express yourself in a more efficient way. Such actions make you feel more accomplished, happy and confident; finding your hobby and keeping at it will help you in the longer run.

  1. Forgive

Did you know that the lack of forgiveness can affect your mental and physical health adversely? When you do not forgive, you are holding back ample amount of negative emotions within yourselves that can have a deeper impact that you think. When you forgive you release much load and pressure that can make you feel much better. Against whoever it may be, find the root of the problem, forgive and show that you mean it with some love quotes. While anger can harm your mind, love and peace will assure a healthy and stable mental state with a reasonable thought process.

  1. Laughter


Did you know laughter is good for you? In fact, it is as good as exercising! A good laugh increases your blood pressure, stretches muscles all over the body, including the face and results in faster breath; in such a process, your tissues receive more oxygen. After all, “laughter is the best medicine” is real.

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Apoorva rao is freelance writer, health and wellness expert with a vision to help women catch up and equip themselves with the pace at which wellness trends are  advancing today. Gained adequate experience in the health industry and established a platform for wise and health decisions through writing.

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  1. I bought recently a fitbit, and use it to track how much sleep I am getting each night, and agree with you that rest is really important for a health life and functioning well. Thanks for this


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