5 Reasons Your Liver Needs a Detox Immediately


It seems like everything around is toxic these days – food, water, air and list goes on. We often hear the promises of detox diet out there to get rid of these toxins – “Cleanse your body with this juice” or “Lose so and so pounds”. Undoubtedly, people are eager to lose weight and detoxify their bodies of who knows what. That’s nothing new, but the fact is, a toxin free liver would lend you many health favours. Probably, you haven’t considered liver a vitally important organ of your body.

Your liver is a seldom-mentioned but essentially important organ that performs more than 400 functions in your body to keep you healthy. So you would want to keep it functioning at its best.


There are a thousand reasons to detox – and perhaps thousand ways to go about it. But, here are 5 reasons that could illustrate just about anyone how imperative liver detoxification actually is.

Lose weight with liver flush

If you can pinch more than an inch around your waist no matter what you eat, how much weight training you take, the problem may not be your ‘weight gaining ability’ but an organ you possibly don’t give much thought to, your Liver (except when you dwell on third shot of that vodka). But Liver is the key in breakdown of fat, minerals and converts additional glucose to glycogen to cleanse blood of any harmful substance. It helps in the digestion process and also acts as a filter for the food consumed. Cleansing of liver can result in better bile production, eventually helping metabolism of fats.

Get rid of liver stones

Possibly you do not know that at present you possibly have about 100 to 300 liver stones in your body. Liver stones are developed because of excess cholesterol. This cholesterol can cause bile to create the crystalline stones, which could create blockage within the liver. These stones also weaken the ability to deliver nutrients back to the body and create an imbalance in the retention of water and salt. Cleansing of liver could result in these stones being purged from your body.

Your body goes along with the liver

Doesn’t it make sense to detoxify an organ responsible for most functions of the body. Liver detoxification essentially detoxifies the entire body. Since liver changes toxins into waste substances in a two-phase detoxification process, some toxic agents may always be present in your liver. Problems occur when organic and inorganic toxic agents gather, destroying the procedures in both the phases. That’s when you need to get rid of these toxins and bring your liver back on track.

More energy and vibrant health

Cleansing your liver would do for you what people drink tea, coffee for – spike in energy levels to keep you productive throughout the day.

Some toxins passing through are released as waste, while others are converted to usable constituents. However, if your liver is overflowing with foreign elements, these converted nutrients are not released back, resulting in lack of energy. With detoxification, you are restoring these nutrients and eventually notice a spike in your energy levels.

Look and feel younger

Remember that with the detoxification of your liver you are restoring it to peak efficiency. Cleansing your liver would not only lead to good internal health, but also a significant improvement on the outside. Detoxification would help reduce the toxins build-up, which will undoubtedly result in brighter skin and a healthier you. So, if you putting efforts to make a change into your organism, liver detoxification is the best thing to do. You will feel younger and your body will be thankful to you!

Liver is the King

Healthy detoxification that supports liver is essential for proper functioning of the body. No matter which detoxification process you choose, make sure that it provisions all the essential critical constituents required for an effective detox. Remember that a good detox isn’t about juices, or pills or starvation, but about supporting yourself with nutritious food to replenish your body.



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