5 Reasons Why Plant Protein Is Better Than Animal Protein

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What is the source of your protein? This question sounds obvious, but it carries lots of weight which cannot be underrated. There are two primary sources of proteins, plants, and animals.

Plant Protein

Given a chance, you would probably go for animal protein. This may be because animal products are tasty and maybe you have heard that they are highly nutritious. Others have gone ahead to claim that the source does not matter since the nutrient is the same.

Did you know that plant protein is more superior to animal protein? Here are the reasons that prove that plant protein is better than animal protein.

  1. It has the right protein content

If you are keen on matters relating to nutrition, then you know the dangers of too much protein. There is a certain amount of protein that the body can use, and if is exceeded, it will turn into waste. The excess protein is converted into fats which apart from making you gain weight, puts you at risk of contracting heart-related diseases.

Plant protein especially legumes have the right protein content. You won’t have to deal with the issue of excess protein. On the other hand, most of the animal protein especially red meat has more protein content than what our bodies require.

  1. Plant protein does not cause cancer

Whenever the term cancer is mentioned, everyone goes numb. This deadly disease has brought down the high and the mighty. What if you discover that your favorite food is listed among the foods that cause cancer? According to a report by World Health Organization (WHO), processed meats such as sausage and bacon are among the leading causes of cancer.

Red meats have not been spared from this list. These include beef, veal, pork, lamb among others. Fish and poultry also contain carcinogenic elements which cause the growth and spread of cancer cells. The sad part is that these animal products are the main sources of animal protein.

With plant protein, there is nothing to worry about. They don’t cause any cancer, but instead, they protect the body against it. Apart from providing the body with the much-needed protein, they release some chemicals such as lectin which help to fight cancer cells.

  1. They prevent heart and blood 

Plant protein contributes to the prevention of heart-related problems among other complications associated with blood flow. This is unlike animal protein which puts you at risk of contracting heart problems. Animal products may contain cholesterol which can accumulate on the walls of the heart and the blood vessels. By doing so, the normal flow of blood becomes affected. Some of the complications that arise in such cases include stroke, high blood pressure, and even the embarrassing erectile dysfunction.

Plant products don’t have cholesterol. Your heart and blood vessels will remain safe for many years if you rely on plant proteins. In addition to preventing these problems, some plants provide natural cure against heart diseases.

  1. Plant protein is 100% lean

Everyone strives to get lean protein, but the whole process of searching for it may not be a walk in the park. This becomes even more complicated when it comes to animal protein. Most of the animal products have elements of saturated fats and cholesterol. Some meats that are considered as lean protein may be containing up to 10 grams of fat.

Instead of consuming proteins from the beef, you may be piling fats and calories into your body. Plants remain the trusted source of pure and lean protein. Most of them are 95% pure, and your body will utilize the whole of it.

  1. Prevents obesity

Most of the animal products have more protein content than what is required. In addition to excess protein, they also have some good percentage of fats. The result of uncontrolled consumption of these nutrients is weight gain. In fact, meats have always been associated with weight gain which can lead to other unwanted lifestyle diseases.

Eating plant protein will not have an adverse impact on your weight. Most of the people who are on weight-loss programs are usually encouraged to consume plant protein. Doing vigorous physical exercises so as to cut down on your weight may be meaningless if you continue depending on animal protein.

With these strong reasons, you can confirm that plants win in a vicious battle of plant protein vs. animal protein. It is simply the best source of protein that should be consumed by any health-conscious person.

One vital fact about plant protein is that it exists in its natural form. You don’t have to process it. Some of its sources include legumes, nuts, vegetables, seeds and even fruits.

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