5 Reasons to Take a Paediatric First Aid Course


The benefits of completing a paediatric first aid course are many. Whether you work as a teacher or a child-minder, or have kids of your own, you can never predict when disaster can strike, making first aid skills the difference between life and death. Acquiring such invaluable skills takes at most two days of training, a small amount of time to invest to be able to ensure the survival of a human being.

Paediatric First Aid Course

Peace of mind

There is no worse feeling than thinking what if? When it comes to the safety of your children, or children you are tasked with looking after in a professional capacity, you simply cannot afford to be helpless in a dangerous situation. Taking a paediatric first aid course simply gives you the peace of mind to guarantee you will never have to look back and ask yourself: what if?

Gives you the ability to relieve suffering and pain

It is a natural human instinct to want to nullify suffering, particularly when it comes to some of the most vulnerable amongst us – our children. If you are a parent, you will be well aware of this paternal or maternal instinct. The first aid course will teach you how to relieve pain in a range of situations. An important one is dealing with anaphylactic shock. People who do suffer from an allergy tend to suffer a reaction during their childhood as it is likely to be the first time they have ever encountered certain foods.

Prevents things from going from bad to worse

First aid training courses give you a foundation of medical knowledge that you can draw upon in an instant. The reason this is so crucial is that it allows you to treat an ailment as quickly as possible. The faster you are able to administer treatment to the injured party the more you are able to limit the damage. In the case of a minor burn, immediately running the affected area in cold water can cut the average recovery time by a matter of weeks as it prevents the burn from further penetrating the skin.

Transferable skills

The sheer diversity of techniques you will learn will give you a grounding in how to treat a variety of common injuries. Whilst it is a paediatric course, a lot of the skills you learn will be transferable. Treating a burn or dressing an open wound doesn’t change whether the afflicted person is a child or an adult.

Improves career prospects

If you are planning to work with children as part of your career, it may well be compulsory for you to complete a paediatric first aid course. Once completed, first aid skills only need refreshing once every three years.

The value of having first aid skills cannot be overstated. There is nothing more important than preserving the life of a human, especially such a fragile and inexperienced one, and completing a first aid course will give you the ability to do so, no matter the situation.

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