5 Reasons Having a Family Nurse is a Plus for the Family


With over 189,000 nurse practitioners currently practicing in the United States, nursing is one of the fastest growing jobs and is set to increase by 19% over the next eight years . A career as a nurse practitioner is not only beneficial for the degree holder, offering  job security, job flexibility, a good salary, and an ability to always learn something new, but it can also be beneficial to the family of the NP as well. Here are five reasons why having a nurse practitioner in the family is a plus for your health.

Family Nurse

They Can Give Free Medical Advice

Going to the doctor is a time-consuming and potentially expensive task. While having a non-related primary care physician is still beneficial, having a nurse practitioner in the family to turn to for quick medical advice is a great bonus. It makes sure that you’re not wasting money on a trip to the doctor or hospital because you’re not sure of your condition. Having your family nurse practitioner check out what you think is a broken ankle that turns out to just be sprained or having him or her be able to diagnose a case of strep throat and not just a sore throat can be a huge money saver.

They Know the Best Course of Action

Your family nurse practitioner has gone through many years of schooling, training, and certified testing to be in his or her position.  Therefore, when you get sick, he or she is going to know the best course of action to get you back on your feet.  Instead of trying to diagnose yourself online and self-medicate, which can be dangerous, you will be able to get an actual diagnosis and correct treatment plan with prescribed medications from your family nurse practitioner.

They Notice Symptoms

Another great part of having nurse practitioners in the family is that they are always around. They are more attuned to your day-to-day health and are aware when something might be off. They might notice that you are more sluggish or out of sorts before you begin showing more concrete symptoms like fever or coughing that could mean you’re coming down with the flu. Your family nurse practitioner will be able to catch on to these warnings and curb these symptoms before they get worse. If a cold has already arisen, they can make sure that your symptoms are improving.

You Have a Trusting Relationship

Your medical records are private information that you don’t share with just anyone. It can be very difficult to open up to doctors and nurses that you do not know well, especially to discuss anything you find embarrassing or “not normal.” With a family nurse practitioner, that trust level is already there. Instead of opening up to a stranger, you already have the level of safe communication between you and your family member. Because of this, it is easier to open up to them and allows you to discuss health issues or ask questions that you might lie about or avoid with another health professional.

They Remind You About Checkups

With everyone’s busy schedules, it can be hard to remember to schedule your routine checkups. A nurse practitioner in the family will be more likely to remember when you are due for your yearly physical or when it is time for vaccinations. They are constantly surrounded by patients coming in for these checkups and know how important they are to keep up with, so checkups are at the top of their mind for you as well. Having a nurse practitioner in the family is a great benefit to your health, but it comes with other great benefits as well. Nurse practitioners can practice and prescribe medications in every state in the US. Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and California are the top states for nurse practitioners, but it is a growing profession nationwide. This allows for flexibility in where you and your family live and also gives a great sense of security knowing that your family nurse practitioner could work anywhere in the nation.

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