5 Healthy Things You Can Enjoy in New York City


New York City is definitely a city that offers so many possibilities for you. It is the proof that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to. This does include doing various different healthy things. You will surely appreciate the health opportunities that are currently available. The only thing that you have to do is take a look at the list below for some wonderful options you should seriously take into account. They will make your NYC stay much more interesting.

New York City

Body by Simone

Body by Simone was launched by Aussie expat Simone De La Rue. It offers the possibility to enroll in so many interesting classes including Pilates, Yoga and high energy dancing. If you are looking for something that is really special, make sure that you consider the Dance Cardio class. This is the signature of the fitness club. You will be able to simply choose out of the various classes that offer a fitness experience that is quite special.

Biking In Central Park

When you think about New York City it is practically impossible not to consider Central Park. It appears in so many different movies and you want to visit whenever you are in the area. Since you are there and you are looking for something that is healthy, consider bike rental NYC services. You can easily rent a bike and enjoy so many minutes of fresh air right in the middle of a city that is renowned for how busy traffic gets.

Hu Kitchen

When it comes to 100 percent paleo restaurants in USA, there are not many options that are available. Hu Kitchen is one of them and it will not disappoint you. You can choose out of many interesting options ranging from organic coffee to paleo dinners. We particularly recommend the organic rotisserie chicken. Also, the wild elk burger is going to surely be a delight for every single person out there that wants some healthy meals. Finish your dinner with a great vegan chocolate.

Bryant Park

We already mentioned that Central Park is the most famous of all the NYC parks but Bryant Park is another great destination for those that want to relax, enjoy some great time with friends or join one of the activities that are available every single day. The summer months are particularly interesting because they are offering lawn yoga.

Union Square Green Market

This is one of the very few of the farmers’ markets that is open every single day of the year. Union Square Green market brings in over one hundred regional farmers that are selling almost everything from jams to fruits. You can even buy flowers there. Try to visit during autumn since a hot apple cider cup is going to simply be delicious.

New York City has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to fitness and health. As you can see from just 5 of the hundreds of possible examples, there is so much that you can do. You are going to surely love the experience if you conduct a small research.

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