5 Healthy Fruits to Kick Out This Summer


If you’ve been trying to live a healthy lifestyle, summer’s the perfect time to reinforce healthy eating habits. All across the U.S. summer fruits are ripening, and you may even find some locally grown treasures at your farmer’s market. Although fruit, in general, should always be included on your list of healthy foods to eat, there are some fruits that are calling to be incorporated into your diet to kick out this summer.

1. Watermelon


You don’t need to be told twice to slice up this juicy melon. Watermelon is always a favorite during summertime. There’s more than one reason to bite into this sweet summer treat, however. It could just be the best-kept secret to enhance a healthy lifestyle. According to the National Geographic, watermelon juice has been shown to ease muscle soreness after an intense workout, so drink up before that game of beach volleyball. They also cite studies showing how watermelon may protect your heart and fight cancer.

The best part about watermelon, of course, is that it’s mostly made of water, so you can gobble up as much as you’d like without having to worry about the calories. Think twice before you spit out the seeds, however, they have some powerful health properties of their own. They’re high in protein, healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as well as omega-6 fatty acids, potassium, iron, manganese, and much more according to the Guardian.

2. Blueberries


Anyone who cares about a healthy lifestyle has heard about the benefits of blueberries. They’re touted as one of the world’s most powerful superfoods with good reason. According to Berkeley Wellness, studies have shown blueberries have the potential to lower blood sugar, prevent cancers, and act as an anti-inflammatory. Some studies even point to blueberries as a way to improve or protect memory.

Out of all the healthy foods to eat, what makes blueberries so great? A lot of their health properties can be attributed to their high levels of antioxidants and anthocyanin, which gives blueberries their deep and enticing color. According to an article in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, studies about the health benefits of anthocyanins show they scan protect the liver, reduce blood pressure, improve vision, reduce inflammation, and even kick free radicals out of your body. This is definitely one fruit you’ll want to serve this summer.

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